I'm Bethany Lee and I am a horse trainer, exercise rider and the voice behind My Equestrian Style. Welcome! I am a true believer of the saying, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I love all of my jobs and I want to share these passions with you! Take a look at the newest looks on my Blog, check out the Freebies tab for some fun guides and don’t hesitate to Contact me with any questions! xo, B

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Working Student Initiative with Taylor Oxley

ALSO LISTEN ON: iTUNES | SPOTIFY “I had started by going to people first that I knew had been working students and asked them, and they were able to give me resources…” — Taylor Oxley “ Because I was there for so long, it ended up turning from a working student position to an assistant […]

Influencing the Equestrian Industry with Helen Pollock

ALSO LISTEN ON : iTUNES | SPOTIFY “Don’t give up. I think for somebody starting something, it takes consistency. And have passion.” — Helen Pollock Emotional health is key. The number one thing is to remember how to breathe. It’s super valuable to learn. “Keep following your dreams. If that’s what really makes you happy, […]

Selfless Success with Max Corcoran

ALSO ON: iTUNES | SPOTIFY ““The riders look to us as the leader of the after care. It’s critical for them to have a person on the ground who can do their horses so they can do their job as a rider.”” — Max Corcoran “The riders look to us as the leader of the […]

Developing Grit with Noelle Floyd

  ALSO LISTEN ON: iTunes | Spotify “I got on a plane. I didn’t even know where I was going to work or ride. I just knew I needed to be over there.”” — Noelle Floyd follow WEBSITE: noellefloyd.com INSTAGRAM: brand @noellefloyd personal @iamnoellefloyd NoelleFloyd.com is one of the world’s leading equestrian sport and lifestyle […]

Overcoming Adversity with Boyd Martin

  ALSO LISTEN ON: iTunes | Spotify “It could have been the stupidest decision of my life… it was well worth it though.” — Boyd Martin follow Website: boydandsilvamartin.com Instagram: @boydmartin007 Boyd Martin is one of the most well-known and talented riders in eventing and the industry as a whole. Listen in as he talks […]

Trusting the Process with Laine Ashker

  ALSO LISTEN ON: iTunes | Spotify follow Website: laineashkereventing.com Instagram: @laineyea SHOW HIGHLIGHTS “I think the most common mistake people make is when they get these horses off the track, they right away try to put them on the bridle, onto the bit, and put them in an arena.” “It was pretty cool to […]

Equestrian Accessories

Am I the only one who absolutely loves leather accessories? Whether I’m at the barn teaching and riding or out and about, I can’t help but add an elegant leather accessory to my outfit. I love that they match with almost everything and add an equestrian chic touch to any wardrobe. This leather bracelet by […]

New Equestrian Brand

Herd of Zebras is an all new equestrian brand hitting the horse apparel market. I love HofZ’s mission because we need more of that rawness in the industry. Zebras all look differently with their stripes but at the end of the day, they are all zebras! That’s totally how we are as women. We need […]

Putting Your Horse in a Frame

Riding a horse in a correct frame is so beneficial to their well-being because it prevents injury, builds his topline, and makes him stronger and more adjustable. Not to mention, riding a horse in a frame can avoid you having to fight with him every step of your ride! I always establish the frame at […]