#barnandbeyond Pickleball and Ponies

To me, summertime screams sleeveless tops. Today is a high of 97… and believe me, I am almost always outside in long sleeves but 97?? That’s too hot for sleeves. And is it just me, or has pickleball suddenly become SO popular? I don’t have a tennis background (opted for golf!) but I do love a good game of ping pong, so I was able to pick it up okay. Ethan is amazing because he is super good at tennis. It’s been a really fun activity to do just the two of us after a long day at work or with friends on the weekend. Here is a super easy pony-to-pickle outfit transition care of the gorgeous TKEQ QUINN Sleeveless Competition Top!! (Obviously if you aren’t as into pickle, it’s great for golf, tennis, or anything else where an athletic polo is recommended)


Top: TKEQ QUINN Competition Top in White (wearing a size small)

Breeches: Yagya Compression Breeches in Black (wearing a small)


Top: Top: TKEQ QUINN Competition Top in White (wearing a size small)

Shorts: Similar Here

Pickleball Set: Amazon (also included because LOL this is all you need for this sport, compared to horse riding!!)


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