How to oil your new bridle

This easy and fun tutorial will walk you through the process of oiling your new bridle. With just a few simple steps, beautiful, conditioned leather is right around the corner!

What You Need:

-Leather bridle – brand new or an old bridle that needs some reviving! (here is the one I oiled)

-Neatsfoot Oil

-4-5 Gallon sized Ziploc bags

-Large container or bucket



STEP 1. Take a part bridle so it is in individual pieces (remove any tags, plastic pieces, etc.)

STEP 2. Place a few pieces of the bridle in a Ziploc bag (4-5 bags should be plenty for one bridle)

STEP 3. Pour in about 1/4 cup Neatsfoot Oil into each bag

STEP 4. Seal fully and massage oil until every part is evenly covered

STEP 5. Place bags into a washable container (in case a bag leaks!) or bucket for 1-2 days or until oil has fully soaked into leather6. Remove from bags (towel off any access oil) and hang up pieces 1-2 days or until dry

STEP 7. Put bridle back together again and you will have a darker, much more supple leather bridle!


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