How to Dress like an [Equestrian] French Girl

When I hear, “French Girl,” I immediately think of fashion. The flowy silhouettes, simple hair, neutral colors with an occasional pop of color, timeless pieces, and a silk scarf. If you look on my Pinterest, I have an entire Parisian board dedicated to the “French girl style.” Something about it’s simplicity, color palette, and effortlessness truly gravitate toward this type of fashion. I think this is how I strive to create looks for my equestrian fashion as well. So how do you incorporate the elusive “French Girl” (lovingly shortened to FG) style into your wardrobe? It’s easier than you think!

French Girl Style 101

  1. Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. This is a big part of FG style. Stick to denim, white, cream, tan, grey, camel, brown, olive, black for your staple pieces.
  2. Know when to pop. White neutrals are the base of any French Girl look, a pop of color here or there looks eclectic and intriguing. Do a fun red sandal, bright lipstick, or a fun pair of glasses!
  3. Fit is everything. For the most part, the FG style sticks to the classics, and that goes for the fit of your clothing, too. Pants are usually a straight leg- not too tight, not too baggy, juuuuust right. Blouses and sweaters are subtly oversized. Jackets are borrowed from your boyfriend.
  4. Use your accents wisely. This is where the French Girl essence gets a little tricky and a bit hazy. You can incorporate your fun embellished moto jacket, your fully ripped jeans, an amazing crop top; but you have to know when to use it and how to style the rest of your ensemble accordingly.
  5. Your closet tells a story. Or at least pretends to! Any FG could rattle off the stories of the charity shop she stumbled upon or the exotic boutique from her travels to the South of France. Your French Girl wardrobe should look like its been collected overtime- even though you may have just done a killer haul from H&M and Zara!

So how do you live out this French Girl style as an Equestrian?

  1. Keep it simple. The core of your outfit should stay classic by nature- simple silhouettes- not too tight, not too loose. It’s amazing how easy and interchangeable having a closet full of basics can be to style!
  2. Find new ways to make a statement. Neutrals aren’t boring! Go for a monochromatic look to make a bold fashion move (ie. all black, all tan, all white, etc.) Try a white blouse that has a cool collar or structured shoulders. Sport a sweater that is neutral in color but has a classic cable knit texture.
  3. Rule of 1. While the French Girl style strives for a “throw it on and go” vibe, fun colors, patterns, and shapes are by no means off the table. You can absolutely rock a fun things. In your equestrian style: a patterned belt, bright sweater, unique-colored pair of breeches, or a graphic denim jacket; In street style: a blue strappy heel, pink handbag, plaid blazer, red lip, or a GRAPHIC DENIM JACKET 😉 But I like to follow my “Rule of 1” principle: If you’re going to make a bold move in your outfit, pick one “louder” item and balance it with simple, neutral, pieces. That way, your outfit can still shout your personality from the rooftops while looking oh-so chic.

If you want to jump on the Equestrian French Girl train, the “Fille Cheval” Denim Jacket is a great place to start.

Leah from Dapplebay and I designed this new “Fille Cheval” (fee sh-val) denim jacket, now available HERE. Go grab one while you can- we have a very limited quantity! It’s truly perfect, not even biased: perfect shade of denim, perfect crop, perfect amount of distressing. “Fille Cheval” (loosely translated to “Horse Girl” in French) is written in a cool, effortless font that just lends itself well to any outfit. I have worn it with black breeches and a white blouse. Or a black and white striped crew neck! It looks amazing with coordinating denim or a flowy skirt. I love it over a shirt dress. I throw it on over leggings and a crop top. I could go on and on! My Equestrian Style is found in pieces that you can wear ANYWHERE and with ANYTHING that subtly whisper, “Whether I am in the barn or not, I am proud to be an equestrian.”

xo, B

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