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10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas under $50

Do you want to spoil yourself and your horse this Valentine’s Day? Do you have an equestrian Valentine? I’ve got you! With Valentine’s Day just 3 weeks away, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite budget-friendly products all under $50. These items are useful, thoughtful and aren’t over the top Valentine’s Day themed. I’m a fan […]

Winter White-Out

Do you find that when winter comes along, you put away your white clothes and opt for darker colors? It has always been sort of a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day. Personally, I don’t know what I’d do without my whites! So where did this rule come from? Time explains that […]

horse show

Showing in a Pandemic

Last week was the start of the WEF 2021 circuit. This year they added an additional week to the front end of circuit, making last week Premiere week and this week Week 1. There have been a few changes due to Covid so I wanted to share some that I have experienced at WEF 2021. […]

My Barn Tour

I thought it would be fun to show off our home barn in Jacksonville, FL. Make sure you take a look at my IGTV video here ! While I was planning my barn tour video, I realized just how many Corro products we use in our everyday life. So I thought it would be fun […]

Putting in the Work with Missy Clark

Also listen on: iTUNES | SPOTIFY No magic- just hard work, consistency, and love for the sport is the winning combination for extremely successful North Run trainer, Missy Clark. Missy has been an integral part of the hunter/jumper community. With the help of her training program, North Run has produced a massive list of successful […]

The Highs and Lows of my Skin

In the roller coaster that is my skin, I would often find myself actually feeling insecure and gross if I have a few extra red bumps on my face, which sounds so silly to type out, but it’s true! It’s pretty remarkable how a couple zits can completely change my mood. Something I have been […]

Maison d’Etto

You can wear perfume… and then you can wear Maison d’Etto. My lovely friend Brianna Lipovsky founded this gender-neutral luxury fragrance line in 2017 and it is a step above anything I’ve seen- or smelled. At first glance, Etto identifies with bold movement in nature and architecture, chic textures and high fashion silhouettes. Their instagram […]

Equestrian Magazine Roundup

Most of us have a lot more free time on our hands lately – I know I do! I’ve finally gotten to read all the equestrian magazines I have around the house, which has been so fun! There are so many great magazines out there that cover everything from great products to rider education to […]

3 Ways to Combat Poor Riding Posture

When you’re riding with constant instruction from a trainer, it’s pretty easy to maintain good posture within a daily or weekly lesson format. Over time, and without instruction, many adult riders (including myself) can get into the habit of slouching. The core of riding (pun intended!) stems from such a classical position that I feel […]