My Barn Tour

I thought it would be fun to show off our home barn in Jacksonville, FL. Make sure you take a look at my IGTV video here !

While I was planning my barn tour video, I realized just how many Corro products we use in our everyday life. So I thought it would be fun to include all of the Corro items throughout the video… there were a lot!! I linked them below for you to shop if you’d like.

Feel free to use my code from the Holiday Lookbook during the holidays, which is lookbook20 for 20% off your purchase!

click here to watch the IGTV BARN TOUR Video!

Scroll down to the links below to shop these products:

Herm Sprenger Bit | Kincade Fuzzy Girth | Herm Sprenger Stirrups | Stirrup Leathers | Polo Wraps | Equifit Half Pad | Sheepskin Half Pad | Back on Track No Bow Wraps | Epsom Salt Poultice | Show Sheen | Hoof Oil | Hoof Pick | Curry Comb | Brush | Swat | Vet Wrap | German Horse Muffins | Equiderma | M-T-G Oil | Ulcer Eraser | UlcerGard | Vitamin E Powder | Positude | Electrolytes | WeatherBeeta Medium Weight Blanket | Bell Boots | Fly Mask | Halter | Natural Fly Spray | Lunge Line | Dreamers and Schemers Socks | Salt Lick |

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