Last Minute Equestrian Christmas Gift

So… it’s ten days before Christmas and you still haven’t gotten anything for your trainer? Barn mate? Daughter? Well I literally have the solution that won’t seem like you totally didn’t procrastinate: a subscription to wehorse! Wehorse is an online portal filled with equestrian training courses from top professionals all over the world. One of the things I love most about wehorse is there are several different disciplines and categories covered for a well-rounded equestrian. You will find courses on Dressage, Showjumping, Horsemanship, Western, Rider’s Seat and Aids, Horse Care and Health, Working Equitation, and Cross Country.

The website is home to over 130 online courses taught by over 40 world-class trainers and experts with new courses being added each month! Some of my favorite courses are taught by Buck Brannaman, Peggy Cummings, Jenny Wild, Karen Rohlf, Jim Masterson, and Ingrid Klimke to name a few! Take a look at my video below; I have been using wehorse for a couple months now and I love to implement it into my riding and teaching.

If you want to check out the incredible Cavalleti Course I used in the video, I linked it for you HERE.

So remember when I said I had a solution to all of your Holiday procrastination? Wehorse now offers gift cards so you can quite literally gift a subscription right now! I feel like this is such a thoughtful gift for an equestrian at any level. As a professional, I am always looking for ways to learn and grow my skillset, and sometimes I don’t have enough time to take my own lessons to sit in on a clinic. This feels like I have a one-on-one trainer yet I can do it at my own pace.

To find out more information, visit their website at!!

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