Hair Mask Tutorial

So, I have to confess that I like to wait several days between hair washes (it’s good for your hair, right?). The thing that saves me at end of that time is doing a hair mask!

The how-to for my go-to hair mask is below! I use some common things you’d have in your house already.

The ingredients are:

  • Plain Yogurt – for cleaning and growth
  • Egg yolk – for moisure and growth
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – for shine and softness
  • Organic Coconut Oil – for softeness, shine, scalp health, and split ends
  • Castor Oil – for growth
  • Jojoba Oil – for scalp flakiness and hair loss/thinning
  • Clarifying Shampoo – for removing buildup
  • Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils – for circulation and growth

You’ll also need:

  • Utensils (for mixing)
  • Hair brush
  • Paper Towel
  • Mixing bowl
  • Towel

I’d also suggest you wear a t-shirt or top that you don’t mind getting dirty!

Now for the step by step:

  1. Brush your hair
  2. Mix together a dallop/small of each ingredient (play around with customizing!)
  3. Separate your hair into sections and apply from scalp to ends
  4. Massage any extra mask into your scalp
  5. Either put your hair in a bun or wrap your hair in plastic wrap and let it soak for a few hours
  6. Shower time! Be sure to shampoo twice and then condition as normal

Check out the full tutorial:

Seriously, this mask makes my hair SO soft! I can’t stop touching it once it’s dried and styled.

Try this out and let me know what you think!



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