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Colors for Your Complexion

With spring approaching, I am so excited to start adding color to my outfits! When the sun starts shining and weather gets warmer (for some of us anyway), I always love to use more color, but it can be difficult to decide what my skin tone really is and which colors look best with it. […]

Look for Less

As much as I love the look of high end clothing, my wallet does not always like their prices. Recently I’ve been trying to find cheaper look-alikes for my favorite pieces. I found this knock off Gucci belt on Amazon and I love the look and quality of it! This belt will definitely hold up […]

Breaking In with Kira Plymire

ALSO LISTEN ON: iTUNES | SPOTIFY “My motivation [to get out of rehab] was I need to get out so I can get back to riding my horses. This is all I want to do. I just realized that the only thing holding me back was myself.” — Kira Plymire Follow INSTAGRAM: @kiraplymire

Jumper Course Design with Nick Granat

ALSO LISTEN ON: iTUNES | SPOTIFY “As a little kid I always loved jumps and course design, and had a mini set when I was young. I was always very passionate about it.” — Nick Granat I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, but hopefully people like my courses. McLain Ward and Kent Farrington are big […]

Healthy Hair

Equestrians and non-equestrians alike are always looking for the best ways to get those luscious locks! My hair goes through a lot in a day. From being trapped in a helmet for hours to being in the sun while I teach, at the end of the day, my hair needs a little love. So, I’ve […]

Working Student Initiative with Taylor Oxley

ALSO LISTEN ON: iTUNES | SPOTIFY “I had started by going to people first that I knew had been working students and asked them, and they were able to give me resources…” — Taylor Oxley “ Because I was there for so long, it ended up turning from a working student position to an assistant […]

Influencing the Equestrian Industry with Helen Pollock

ALSO LISTEN ON : iTUNES | SPOTIFY “Don’t give up. I think for somebody starting something, it takes consistency. And have passion.” — Helen Pollock Emotional health is key. The number one thing is to remember how to breathe. It’s super valuable to learn. “Keep following your dreams. If that’s what really makes you happy, […]

Selfless Success with Max Corcoran

ALSO ON: iTUNES | SPOTIFY ““The riders look to us as the leader of the after care. It’s critical for them to have a person on the ground who can do their horses so they can do their job as a rider.”” — Max Corcoran “The riders look to us as the leader of the […]