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My Exercise Guide

Did you catch my Instagram post about a free exercise guide? You’ve come to the right place! I have been interested in health and fitness and I wanted to share with you some of my at home non-equipment exercises you can do that really target the same muscles used for riding. I am a firm […]

Gray & Bay

Who is ready for the weekend?!? I sure am. I rode all day, and I think it is safe to say I am still getting used to my first Florida summer. (just moved from LA and I am feeling this humidity!)  In other news, this amazing brand- Gray & Bay Horse Co. – sent me […]

Bra Kitty

Okay so I need to let you in on a little secret… there is newer item called Bra Kitty and whoever invented this product is a genius. What the heck is it, you ask? I was a little confused at first, too. You almost need to try it for yourself to really see how cool it […]

Paper Pony

I now have stationary for the rest of my life. The cutest paper company- Paper Pony Co.– is based out of Oakland, California and is really one of a kind. While they do have more than pony themed items, I love their equestrian collection. They have wrapping paper, gift tags, stationary, to do lists, and […]

Essential Rain Jacket

This is my first Florida summer and every time I tell Floridians that, they groan and warn me of my upcoming misery. So far, it’s been fine, but what is most annoying are the daily downpours! Now I know why people in Florida really value a covered arena. I have to keep reminding myself, “Bethany, […]

Summer Brights

For the most part, I’m a neutral girl. I love all things black and all things white. Occasionally I’ll get a little crazy with gray, navy, brown, pale pink, and shades of blue. A lot of that stems from my pale skin and red hair buuuut now that it is summer, I am just a […]

Gray Day

Growing up, I used to be the girl who took every opportunity to lay out or find some way to get a tan. Believe it or not, my ginger hair still allows my skin to tan, but it takes a long time and a lot of dedication! However, when I rode full time for my […]

Germany Grand Prix

As soon as I found out my husband, Ethan and I were spending time in Germany before heading to Greece on vacation, I knew I needed to research to see if there were any horse shows to watch! (Especially since two weeks away from riding puts me in a depression) I found a wonderful 4* […]

Bring on the White!

This is not a good title. I am all about wearing white all year round! But something about bright white screams summertime or vacation to me.  I am really into these shorts! I think they are the perfect fit and perfect cut at a 3″ inseam. Also, how stinking cute are those embroidered navy anchors?!  Now, […]

The Best Vest

Yes it is May. Yes I live in Florida. But it still is a bit chilly in the AM! Especially when you’re at a show and you are up long before the sun rises. I think vests are so great for the barn because they are super easy to take off, you have more pockets […]