Pretty in Pink

One trend I have loved before it got big was the baby pink EVERYTHING! For the past year or so, the color has been relabeled “millennial pink” and it seems every time I walk into Target I find a new pink something to put in my cart! Pink clothing, kitchenware, walls, and even pink colored food is all over my Pinterest feed. Apologies in advance if you hate the color pink… I used to, but clearly I am now in love. Scroll down for some millennial pink goodness.

how satisfying was that?!

I’m still not tired of it yet, so when I found out FreexRein was coming out with the shortsleeve Moto bodysuit in this millenial pink, I had to have it! If you have been keeping up with the blog, you already know how much I enjoy wearing the Moto bodysuit. The material is so soft, it has mesh under the arms, and clasps underneath for easy take off. Between my love for the bodysuit itself and the adorable color, I couldn’t wait to style it!

Black leather/vegan leather accessories are classic and easy to pair with almost anything, but can sometimes be too harsh with certain colors like Millenial pink. Brown and tan are more subtle and can add a nice, soft quality to any outfit. Don’t be afraid of trying different shades of brown accessories during fall! A dark ebony leather belt, bag, and shoes would look great with burgundy and dark greens for fall. A brighter brown looks great with light blues and baby pinks. This FreexRein bodysuit is one of my favorite pieces to style with cognac brown accessories!

The adorable pale pink color of the body suit needs a softer color than black to pull it all together, which is why I chose these shades of browns! For this look, I have the Moto bodysuit matched with classic tan FreexRein Derby breeches, brown DeNiro sneakers, a cognac brown Style Stock belt, wood watch by JORD and the adorable saddle bag from Pravins Sellier!


My Equestrian Style

These photos were taken by Nicole Shultz Photography.