All For Color Summer Top

Summer is for fun prints and bright colors! Being a typical pale redhead for most of the year, I do in fact get tan! (Thanks to the Cuban and now Florida sun) Do you find that when you are tan, really any color looks better on you? I feel like I can rock all the weird yellows, oranges and pinks when I have a little color to me. 

This Island Hopping SolChill top by All For Color is one of the comfiest riding tops I’ve ever ridden in. (I will share more on my story tomorrow) The fabric is insanely stretchy. I included the benefits from the website because they say it best:

  • UV Protection SolChill offers UPF 50+, the highest rating in wearable sun protection.
  • Chilling fabric that is lightweight and made to ward off heat.
  • Anti-Microbial apparel that won’t harbor odor causing bacteria.
  • Mesh undersides allowing for extra airflow.
  • Thumbholes to protect your hands from the sun and longer sleeves for comfortable wear.
  • Moisture Wicking wicks away moisture from skin to keep you dry.
  • Fabric content:92% Nylon/8% Spandex. Fabric feel: stretchy, cotton-like feel.

The quarter zip is the classic riding top style right now, but this pattern also comes in a crew neck style. This color combination is called “Island Hopper.” I’m not usually a bright pink person, but I LOVED this pattern with the white and royal blue. It really pops with white pants (how perfect does it look with these Sakkara Equestrian breeches!?), but I also often pair it with navy breeches. All for Color carries 5 other patterns in both 1/4 zip and crew neck. 

I finished this look with my Mane Jane navy blue belt which I think ties the bold top and the bright white breeches together nicely. The gold buckle and my gold necklace (Forever 21) make it look extra fun and summery! 

Right now, All for Color is have a mega-sale and these SolChill tops are included! (Codes are in bold below):

BUYMORE20: Buy one UPF50+ item and get one UPF50+ item 20% off

BUYMORE30: Buy one UPF50+ item and get two UPF50+ items 30% off

BUYMORE40: Buy one UPF50+ item and get three UPF50+ items 40% off

These tops are a little bit expensive.. but with this deal they are SO worth it!! This top is really my favorite to ride in because I stay so cool and so comfortable. Everyone comments on how fun it looks! Go check out their website HERE to see all of the colors and browse all the styles included in this sale. 

So GO HAVE FUN, summer babes… and GET SHOPPING!

xo, B