Statement Show Shirts


Some riders think the fun show shirts are only for the jumper ring, but nowadays you can rock a statement shirt as long as you’re smart about it! 

This MakeBe color block top is amazing. I got it from KAVAL and it really combines tradition and class with fashion forward, quality materials. The collar and cuffs are the traditional, starched fabric that looks so crisp in the ring. The rest of the top is more of a technical fabric that breathes super well. 

Judging is becoming more and more lenient on the amount of “character” you bring to your hunter show look. In my opinion, as long as your jacket is covering the really flashy parts of your statement show shirt, there is no reason you should worry about being penalized. 

According to the USEF Rulebook, you don’t hear much as far as show shirts are concerned because typically the jacket is more noticeable. As a general rule of thumb in the hunter ring, I always say classic is best; don’t opt for the flashier pieces. 

USEF Rule HU127.2: Heat/Jackets Waived “When management permits Hunter or Hunter Seat Equitation riders to ride without jackets, riders must wear traditional, short, or long-sleeved riding shirts with chokers or ties.”

So even if it was too hot and the officials announced a “jacket optional” show, I think you could still be okay to wear both of these tops, especially this Horse Pilot top (also comes in short sleeves!). It has just enough character with the red/orange piping to be fun and creative without drawing attention away from your horse. 

Below are how both tops look with a show jacket on… looks great right?! Little do the judges know how fun these tops actually are! 

This Horse Pilot top from KAVAL has SO many quality details. Obviously the colored piping in so chic. I love the neck closure- it is so secure and minimalist. The fabric is extremely soft and stretchy.

Overall, I totally believe you can still be creative with your ensemble for the hunter ring. Quite honestly, the rules are not super strict- what’s more intimidating is fighting the urge to fit in or wear what everyone else is wearing right now! The equestrian world can be so picky about only wearing certain brands because they’re popular, that we miss out on some incredible ones! My challenge for you is to step out of the box (within USEF limits, of course) and try out a statement show shirt for yourself! Obviously if you’re in the jumpers- go ham! – but if you ride in the hunter or equitation rings, don’t cut yourself off from wearing anything fun. Be smart about it, but find pieces that really show off your style and make your look different than every other tan pant- white shirt – black show jacket girl out there! 

The breeches I wore are the tan side zip Tailored Sportsman breeches from KAVAL. I also am sporting this INCREDIBLE Makebe show jacket from KAVAL. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this jacket. Besides needing to size down, everything is perfect. The material is so stretchy, which is obviously needed jumping around a course. It isn’t constricting at all, and being in Florida for a good part of the year, it is not hot at all to wear. The lines on the back are absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect representation of subtle statements! The collar is the icing on the cake for me. Some find it difficult to wear tan and grey together, but I think the tan collar ties in so well with the tan TS breeches! I’m in love! 

You got this, friend! As always, message me if you need any styling help– or go to for my free virtual styling help! KAVAL carries so many choices for show tops and ALL of them are the most quality brands out there. You can check out their show shirts here!

xo, B