Riding with Purpose

I figured out I probably ride roughly 30 times per week and I used to ride upwards of 60 times.

From a riding perspective, this amount of time in the saddle keeps me strong, but it also makes it pretty easy for me to develop habits quickly. This is why every ride must be executed with a plan in place. I usually go through similar routines and procedures to keep my rides consistent and covering all the bases. For example, if I am staying extra disciplined, I will do all of my lateral work at the walk, trot and even canter on all of my horses. This helps me easily check off my mental checklist so that when I hop off every horse, I know I helped that horse become more responsive, straight and supple for his/her owner.

From a fashion perspective, all of those rides mean I must be very intentional about what I wear. I remember when I was younger I could get away with two or three pairs of breeches and I could even go two days without washing a pair. Now, nearly everything I wear to the barn comes back unrecognizably dirty and well worn. I can wear through a pair of breeches very quickly, so it’s important to have cute riding attire that is also mega durable.  

A brand that absolutely stands out for me is Sakkara. If you know me at all, you already know I rave about this Egyptian designed, Italian made, American based equestrian line. The breeches feel like a second skin. This Pura Top is breathable and buttery soft. The belt is just my favorite belt ever- I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again- if I designed my ideal belt it would be this M Belt. The fabrics are somehow durable, luxurious and athletic all in one. 

I think Sakkara has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to high equestrian fashion and overall functionality. This look is definitely a go-to and I think you should give it a try, too! Click here to visit their website and stay tuned for a FABULOUS giveaway coming up in a few weeks!!


xo, B