Street Smart

So I recently wrote a blog post about a fabulous brand Free X Rein! (You can read my previous blog post here!) If you had a chance to read about my love for this trend-setting line, one of these pieces in my ensemble today should look a bit familiar. That’s right- this is the same black bodysuit that initially wore as a riding top! 

Free x Rein just had their official launch party last week in Wellington. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous when I first tried on the bodysuit. I couldn’t imagine wearing it for riding; Would it be uncomfortable? Is it a nuisance to go to the bathroom? Will it leave weird lines through my breeches? I was amazed to find that not only was it comfortable, but it was very user friendly and the thong panty obviously did not leave any lines. The button clasps are towards the front making it easy to put on and take off. This makes this top BRILLIANT for riding in because it has all the benefits of a riding top but will NEVER untuck from your breeches. You will always have a perfectly neat look to your ROOTD. 

So I decided to give this a try on the streets, and let me tell you, this Free x Rein Moto bodysuit did not disappoint! I don’t know why I can’t just accept the perfection that is bodysuit is, but I was still a little skeptical before trying this look. My adorable plaid dress was very form fitting, and so with the front button closers of the bodysuit, I was kind of nervous that you would see a weird outline in my, uh, frontal region. Just keeping it real!!! I am very happy and relieved to tell you that there were zero lines to be found! This shirt is mega soft and cozy. I loved the zipper accents on the sleeves and neckline which added an element of edge to my otherwise chic look. 

For me, a piece that can be worn multiple ways in multiple venues is a piece worth investing. I can truly say the Free x Rein knows what they are doing as a brand! I’m obsessed with all of the styles of bodysuits and I can honestly say that Free x Rein is ahead of the curve… I’m calling it now that bodysuits are going to be absolutely mainstream, both at the barn and on the street!

xo, B