My Skincare Routine

It’s so hard to find a good quality skincare routine. I feel like I have tried nearly every drug-store/Target brand option out there and it left my skin feeling oily, broken out or crazy dry. I have found that with major trial and error, I have a pretty good lineup of products that are easy to use and are jam packed with the best ingredients. One thing that I have learned now that I am in my mid-20’s: I am only getting older and with my job putting me in the sunshine everyday, I need to invest in protecting and caring for my skin!  

MY DAILY ROUTINE | My everyday routine includes the morning when I wake up and at night before I go to bed. In general, I have combined skin (oily T-zone and dry everywhere else) It’s all about clean and moister for me!

1. Cleanser | I have used the Bibimbap Cleanser (the whole system actually) for over 4 months now and I have to say, my skin feels so much better! This one is a gel to foam cleanser and after a long day at the barn it gets all of the dirt and makeup off my face with ease. What I like best about this cleanser is what’s in it: glycerin to keep my skin hydrated; blue lotus and chamomile to soothe my skin; and organic black, green and white tea to give my skin antioxidants! 

2. Toner | I use a toner once a day, usually at night, for that extra cleanse to my pores. My skin is breakout-prone, so doing something a little extra to my pores is just what my skin needs. I love Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner with Rose Petals from Target. 

3. Anti Aging Serum | Research says you should start using anti aging products as early as the age of 18! So I use the serum by Bibimbap. It’s probably my favorite product in the Bibimbap line! This serum helps brighten my skin, reduce age spots and help age lines. In just four months I’ve seen noticed a difference! Totally worth every penny.

4. Moisturizer | Something I look for in a moisturizer is its ability to quickly absorb in my skin. I’m usually in a hurry, so something that I can put on quickly that still does its job is a hard product to come by! I love Bibimbap’s moisturizer because it has CoQ10 to energize my skin and extra virgin avocado oil to allow for rapid absorption among other fantastic ingredients. 

5. Sunscreen | I usually use Neutrogena SPF 45 on my face as my last layer to protect my skin for the day! If I’m headed to the barn I have sunscreen in my car and in my trunk to reapply every couple hours 🙂  

MY WEEKLY ROUTINE | About once a week, I give my skin an extra pick me up! Since my skin has both dry and oily parts, I have to be a little more specific with my masking!

ONCE PER WEEK : I will put on a charcoal mask if I feel like my skin is breaking out. However, charcoal has drying out properties (which is why it is great for acne) so sometimes I just put the mask on my T-zone or problem areas.

ONCE to TWICE PER WEEK : I use a 24 karat gold mask from Amazon by Majestic Pure. The gold has anti-aging, anti-acne and anti-toxin… perfect for my skin to help breakouts, wrinkles and overall detoxing my skin!

This is what I do for my skin! I think protecting and nourishing my face and neck are so, so important for lasting benefits and overall health. Ask away if you have questions!!

xo, B