Master Your Mindset May Challenge

Are you guys participating in the Master Your Mindset Challenge from Noelle Floyd’s Equestrian Masterclass? It’s is all about overcoming fear, nerves, or whatever else may be mentally holding you back from accomplishing your goals in the saddle.

The challenge officially started May 8th, and each week Masterclass members get access to one lesson from top riders like Tonya Johnston, Annette Paterakis, and Dr. Jenny Susser. I’ve loved using the Masterclass in the past, and this challenge takes it to a new level!

I know so many equestrians that have struggled with their confidence in the saddle. Personally, I’ve run into this in my riding career too, so I know how challenging it can be.

I took a few years off from riding in college and came back to the sport as a professional exercise rider. Getting back into riding, I was so worried people would think badly of me if I struggled with flat work or chipped a jump.

Working through that, I found that practice and getting back to basics were the best way to ease my nerves and build my confidence. For jumping specifically, my boss had suggested I canter by the jumps as if I’m jumping a course, which helped a lot!

If you want to hear more about how I handled overcoming fear in riding, listen to this episode of The Equestrian Podcast:

For me, getting back to basics and having awesome equestrians around me for support really helped, and I think that’s what this Master Your Mindset challenge is all about!

Plus, if you join the challenge, you can get your first month of the Equestrian Masterclass and the Equilab App free! And if you win the challenge, there’s a ton of cool prizes.

Check out more details about the challenge here or on Noelle Floyd’s Instagram.

If you’re participating, let me know! I’d love to hear from you guys on how you’re overcoming nerves and fear in the saddle!



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