Keeping it Casual

Equestrian sport highly values the traditional attire that dates back all the way to the mid 1600s! It is no wonder that the Hunt Seat Equitation style of riding is very  proper and formal. Colors are muted, hair is perfectly pulled up and collared show shirts are a requirement. I do love that the hunter/jumper fashion has held on to these traditions, as the entire aesthetic of the sport would be changed if we showed in jeans and a sweatshirt! On the other hand, I am all for adding modern and laid back touches to my equestrian style. I wanted to dedicate a post to pairing fancy equestrian clothing with some of your favorite casual basics because let’s be honest: riding clothes are PRICY. I will be the very first person to say it! If you can find brands that are worth the investment, you should be able to style them in such a way to work for any day of the week! Lucky for you (and me!) I found some key items that are TOTALLY worth buying and are so easy to wear no matter what the occasion. 

I can’t tell you enough great things about Sakkara Equestrian! Do you have a clothing store where you walk in and would honestly wear every single thing that store sold? This international brand is that to me. In this outfit, I have the Sakkara M Belt which is a gorgeous navy and white striped woven belt with a beautiful brown leather front. I’ve worn this single belt with breeches, jeans, with a dress… you name it. Here I chose it to be the focal point of my look. I love to add an element of pattern to many of my outfits because I think it really sets the tone for the style. In this case, this belt instantly makes any look classy, preppy and chic. The belt (along with all of Sakkara’s products) is made in Italy but ships worldwide… not to mention free shipping for all US orders! 

The other Sakkara element I have in this look is the Pura Show Shirt. I love the embroidered logo on the collar! Now this is such a stunning short sleeve shirt with beautiful detailing, but I decided to dress it down to run errands. I simply added a waffle knit henley top or a muted sweatshirt to make it just a touch more relaxed. Now it just looks like a modern version of a popped collar polo, but with equestrian flare.  

One of my favorite “finishing touches” of this outfit are these subtle but oh-so-luxurious ballet flats. These are the Katharine Page Capriole Ballet Flats in Lusitano Gray. I can’t even put into words the craftsmanship of these equestrian-inspired flats. More to come on Katharine Page in a future blog post, but I needed to say that a classy ballet flat is ALWAYS a good idea! Pair these polished flats with an ankle crop jean with a rough hemline? That is my definition of a casual but chic look. 

I felt fully confident wearing these simple looks out shopping, to lunch with my husband and running errands. I think you can pull this off, too! After all, a good chunk of my life revolves around horses; my guess is some of you are the same way. I motion we stop saving our riding clothes just for the barn! Find those brands that really get you. For me, it’s Sakkara. Whenever I am in their clothing or accessories, I feel confident, beautiful and comfortable. I can’t wait to show you the other pieces I have next month… and perhaps a giveaway will be involved, just saying! I am telling you, Sakkara is the real deal and 100% worth the investment if you are looking for an equestrian style that is both modern and timeless. (I didn’t even know if that is possible before, but Sakkara accomplishes that combination with flying colors!) I hope these tips have given you the inspiration to style any piece – no matter how fancy its origin – and make it casual. 


xo, B