Brown is the new Black

As a disclaimer to this blog post, I am probably black’s biggest fan. But in the hunter/jumper world today,  I find that black is getting a little overdone, whether is it tall boots, jackets, belts, etc. In fact, I checked the USEF Rulebook and – for example – it doesn’t mention anything specific against brown tall boots in the show ring… so I say, “Bring on the brown!”

Some find it daunting to integrate brown into a #ROOTD. Need some help? I always start with my staple piece and work from there. For this outfit, I really wanted to wear this amazing Huntsmen and Hounds fox pocket tee. How cute is it?! I love the dark grey color mixed with the saddle-brown fox (and the fox reminds me of my puppy!) 

Next, I pick out the rest of the “base outfit.” To me, a base outfit is a pant and a top. So in this case, I needed to complete my base outfit with a pair of breeches. I thought this rust pair really made the fox stand out. Next were the accessories. I had this fantastic brown belt from Shop Hunt Club that really complements the base outfit. However, I added a chocolately brown from the belt into the mix. Now I am dealing with a orangey brown AND a chocolatey brown. Some say that is a no-no, but I think you have the ability to pull off anything. you. WANT! So instead of having only one chocolatey brown item, I pulled in this brown Shop ECE bag. I also added this gorgeous Luke and Lyla vintage leather bracelet and Bit Keepers “Eat Sleep Ride” bangle

Finally, it was a no-brainer: The brown tall boots were a must. These Ariat tall boots have been incredible. I just got them from a Black Friday Sale and I am in love. Today was my first day actually riding in them and they were actually pretty easy to ride in. Bonus: no blisters! 

All in all, brown can be such a great change up from basic black. While you may feel impartial to a black-based ensemble, take the leap of faith and try out some brown hues. If you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out!

xo, B