My Everyday Necklace

Am I the only one with really sensitive skin? My ears especially can only handle solid gold pieces or they swell up and get infected. It’s also annoying to find a dainty piece of jewelry you LOVE to only find that it is made up of cheap materials and turns green by week two.

To be fair, I wear my jewelry HARD. If I find a piece I like, I will never take it off! I will bathe in it, wear it to the barn, sleep in it, you name it! So if I am going to wear jewelry, it needs to be solid! I discovered Hattie Banks and fell in love with her jewelry line. Her pieces reminded me of the days I worked for Jennifer Meyer Jewelry in LA right out of college. Dainty, great quality, so equestrian chic.

I saw this Lucky Shoe necklace by Hattie Banks and I had to have it. Much like many simple horse shoe necklaces, but Hattie went the extra mile with adding the subtle bling of the off centered diamond. This necklace comes in rose, yellow and white 14k gold, too! I’m sporting the rose gold and even though the rest of my jewelry tends to be yellow gold, I love mixing metals. This rose gold isn’t so in-your-face rose colored, either. It is so soft and matches everything!

I haven’t taken this necklace off since the day it came in the mail! It is such a great investment because you won’t want to take it off, either! You can check out her pieces on their website here where you can find Hattie Bank’s Equestrian Line among other non-horsey pieces of fine jewelry. I have my eye on a couple other pieces, too! This would be such a great Christmas present for a family member or to add to our personal wish list. Perfect investment to last you a lifetime, and a great way to add equestrian flair to any look.

xo B