Equestrian Athlesiure

Aztec Diamond Equestrian

With days filled at the barn, I always want the perfect balance between comfort and style. Aztec Diamond Equestrian exceeds that with flying colors.  

This hoodie and pair of riding leggings are so insanely soft and comfy. Everything ADE makes is so intricately designed to be perfect for equestrian athlesure.

This grey cropped hoodie has all the bells and whistles. It has the perfect 1/4 to 1/2 zipper so that you can easily pull it over your helmet if you get too hot. There are perfect pockets to hold your cell phone and I love how it falls so perfectly on breeches and these leggings.

Now these Aztec Diamond Equestrian riding leggings are next level.  

The logo is subtle but classy. Take a look at that waistband? Thick and secure to make any figure look good… trust me! It’s like wearing a pair of spanx but it’s perfectly acceptable to wear as an outer layer! They suck you in for an absolutely flattering silhouette.

ADE really knew what they were doing when they designed their line. I definitely recommend their stuff for riding or for lounging around the house. And good news! Their new Summer ‘18 line launches TONIGHT at 7pm GMT! So be the first to check out their new stuff on their website then!! 

xo, B