Embroidered Bomber

Fall is- not quite here!!! But a girl can dream, right?! I’ve always been biased toward fall. For one, my birthday is in October (this year is the big 2-5!) Also, I grew up in Wisconsin where the weather was crisp and the leaves were stunning… now that I live in northern Florida, I have a new appreciation for these months!


Today is a little transition into fall for the wardrobe, featuring my favorite embroidered bomber jacket. I really like this jacket because it’s an added layer without the thickness of a regular coat. I’m also really into all things embroidered; I have been for the past 10 years! It just adds an little extra something without being overpowering. I also like that you can almost wear any color or pattern and it still works as a complete outfit.  

I put that to test when I styled this look by pairing the jacket with a graphic tee, a tricky-to-match pair of breeches, and some rain boots. It still totally works. I have included a link to a very similar bomber jackets for you to take a look at… my jacket is sadly out of stock 🙁 Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the rest of my outfit!

xo, B

Click HERE to shop this jacket- under $35!