Pony Jewels

You can make any outfit into an equestrian outfit with a little help from some pony jewelry! Fleur A Cheval has some adorable pieces that I got to try and I think they are the icing on the cake to any outfit. They also hand-craft some amazing and unique flowers to put in your horse’s mane and tail (stay tuned for another blog post about that!) 

Here are some of the necklaces I got from Fleur A Cheval. I typically don’t gravitate toward silver jewelry, but I have really been liking these pieces. My favorite is the simple horse shoe necklace, but I like layering several of these necklaces for one look. I also got one of my new favorite pieces of jewelry: the Cantering Charms bracelet. It is SUCH an easy wrist layering piece; I’ve been wearing it all the time. 

This necklace was also one of my favorites. The quote says, “Horses aren’t my whole life… They make my life whole.” Isn’t that cute? I love the little horse shoe hanging along the chain! They are great necklaces to wear everyday or to purchase as a gift for a friend or relative. Right now, Fleur A Cheval is giving one free flower clip with every piece of jewelry you buy! It’s a great way to give some extra bling to you and your horse for the price of one! 

I can’t wait to show you guys more FAC jewelry and flowers in my upcoming blog posts, but for now, make sure you shop around! HERE is the link to take a look at Fleur A Cheval’s amazing line of items for “four-leggeds” and “two-leggeds!” 

Stay tuned for more!

xo, B