Foot Hugs

This product has been a total game changer for me. I never knew what I was missing before Foot Huggies. I used to wear simple black trouser socks under my boots, and I thought they were fine. After all, isn’t the boot the part that should give you the support? I had no idea how much socks can protect your foot from blisters, scarring, and lack of circulation. The owner of Foot Huggies has been a salon owner and pedicurist for over 30 years and really knows how to keep feet healthy and comfortable. I really do love these socks. 

These socks come in black or white with writing up the sides! They can either say dressage, hunter, or jumper in multiple colors! My shoe size is a size 9, so it was suggested that I get a size medium. When I first tried them on, they seemed a little thick. I talked to Jeffi, founder of Foot Huggies, who suggested I size down for a tighter fit. In this Florida heat, its all about breathable fabric, which these are. They appear like thick cotton socks when you see them, and so plush to the touch, but once they are on they literally hug your foot and leg. I like how they are tight enough to stay up on my leg without being uncomfortable or cutting off circulation! 

I think these socks are a great investment for your feet. I am in riding boots more than any other shoe and so it is really important that I take the time to care for my feet! Check out the Foot Huggies website HERE to take a look at more of their styles. 

xo, B