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KAVAL X MES Series 2

riding jackets for any weather & any setting

At any given time, I have about 7 jackets in my car and tack trunk, just in case. KAVAL carries top-of-the-line jackets from a light bomber to a down jacket with an insulated shell that have the functionality to ride in but are so chic, they are showstoppers anywhere else. 

Even though I live in Florida, I always get cold. Even in the summertime- if I am riding before the sun rises, you better believe I am sporting a jacket. I also am in a full on winter jacket when the weather plummets anywhere below 50… don’t judge. I love jackets because they keep by body and arms warm but can so easily be taken off while in the saddle. I also am a sucker for good pockets to carry my phone and chapstick and the like.

the light bomber jacket : MakeBe

This is such a great bomber jacket to have for every month of the year. MakeBe creates their pieces with style for days! I love all of the intricate detailing of this MakeBe Lucy Light Bomber. The burgundy and white varsity stripes are so sporty and add another color to the look. I’m wearing it here with some black jeans, but I was wearing it earlier today with navy breeches. Such a easy and fashionable look. KAVAL carries several MakeBe bombers in varying thicknesses. 

the three-in-one jacket : Equiline

What a jacket. KAVAL sells this Betsy 3-in-1 Coat by Equiline and I am so obsessed. This one piece truly covers all seasons for you. The outer jacket with the combined shell in one way you can wear it for the ultimate insulation. You can also wear the outer shell alone as well as the base layer alone. There are so many handy pockets and the lines are so flattering.

It is super easy to separate the two layers, simply unzip! This jacket is so great for the barn because the outer coat is made of a super durable material. The inner jacket is just so light and airy; it’s great for the brisk spring, summer and fall mornings or evenings. After trying on this jacket, I knew instantly why KAVAL carries this Equiline jacket. It is just so well-made and an absolute staple for any time of the year.

the go-to medium jacket : Horse Pilot

Remember when I was referring to a billion jackets in my car? Well I really only need these three, but especially this KAVAL jacket by Horse Pilot

Horse Pilot’s Softlight Jacket in Bordeaux is a no-brainer- everyone needs one.

This jacket is so fabulous to ride in. I was so impressed by the pockets because they have magnetic closures to keep my phone and small items in there while I’m riding around. How brilliant is that!? As ideal as this jacket is for the barn, it is so fashion forward for the rest of the world. Just look at those leather details on the zipper, arm and hem of the sleeves? I was literally jumping up and down during this shoot showing Ethan (my Instagram Husband) all of the amazing features of this jacket. 

KAVAL carries tons more jackets than these three, but these were my favorite and what I believed covered all of the temperatures we are experiencing sometimes in one week! Shop their site for the absolute highest quality equestrian brand that are curated to perfection. 

xo, B