While my outfits are usually all about the breeches and tops, I think what is possibly the most important are these “base layers.” Finding good quality undergarments are hard to come by, but thankfully I think that search is over!

I am in a sports bra every day of the week, whether that be for riding, going to the gym, running errands or working on the house we are flipping! There are a few factors I look at when purchasing a good bra: comfort, breathability and the perfect amount of padding. 

I have found all that and more in Knixwear‘s Evolution Bra. For one, I can lounge in it all day! It is so comfortable, I even sleep in it sometimes! Lately, I have been living in this bra and this insanely cozy All For Color open kimono jacket. I have totally worn it out and about with a graphic tee and leggings, but I think it makes the perfect around-the-house sweater. It has a hood too… Bonus!! A cool thing about these Evolution Bras are that they are reversible! I usually prefer nude or light colors so that they don’t show through my clothes! So this gray and black bra can be worn under light and dark shirts. I also love how you can interchange, criss cross or remove the straps. Each bra also comes with an extra set of replacement straps.

Another thing I cannot stand about most bras is how no matter how thin you may be, they give you the unwanted side fat bumps that show through a fitted shirt. I hate it when I am wearing a tighter practice shirt and have to constantly adjust my bra to keep everything smooth. I have never had to do this with the Evolution Bra

These Knix bras are also completely breathable. I can sweat in the saddle or at the gym and my bra doesn’t get wet or make me uncomfortable in the least. I also got a pair of the Everyday Performance Thong underwear. Its moister-wicking fabrics and seamless lines make it the perfect underwear for under breeches. They are now the only underwear I like to wear no matter what I am doing! My first pair was in nude and they are so perfect to wear with my tan or white breeches especially. 

I did get one padded Everyday Bra and one regular Everyday Bra to try. The unpadded bra is great for wearing around the house or with comfy clothes, but I feel like that padded bra has more support and the unpadded bra is much more thin and see-through. I am slowing trying to replace all of my undergarments with Knixwear. The padded Everyday Bra and Everyday thongs are two pieces I am always digging for in my underwear drawer! 

xo, B