Accessorizing with Metals

I love riding in my favorite accessories! There is no reason to be afraid to wear cute belts or pieces of jewelry to the barn! They will survive, I promise… especially if they are made well. I usually wear cloth/elastic or leather belts and watches with leather straps. Leather is fun to accessorize with riding outfits because it can match our riding boots, but metals look great too! Rose gold is very popular right now, and when I saw the rose gold accessories from Horse Gloss I had to have them.

I have one of the snap bangles that has head up & heels down engraved in rose gold, as well as the rose gold watch! The bangle bracelet is cute and subtly horse related, which makes it more versatile. The same goes for the watch. The watch has a simple face with markers for the times, as well as the brand name and a small bit icon underneath. I like that the accessories are horse related but not so loud about it because I can match them with every day outfits as well as my riding outfits.

I paired the rose gold wrist accessories with the bit belt from Horse Gloss in gold. Gold and rose gold can pair very well in accessories, but be warned! Metals are easy to match as long as the metals are not cheap and look like they will easily tarnish.

I also am wearing the blue riding top from Horse Gloss! It was stretchy and breathable in addition to being such a nice color. It fits well and the sleeves zip up part of the way so you can roll them up after riding, The zippers are silver, but they are such a small part of the top they are barely noticeable when wearing the other metals. I have the shirt paired with a light pair of Callidae breeches for more of a classic look.

Metal accessories can be worn to the barn without looking gaudy. Regardless of the material of your accessories, it helps to keep them small and dainty. Horse Gloss sells a wide assortment of accessories, including sweaters, saddle pads, necklaces, more bracelets, belts and watches in varying metals.