#barnandbeyond Spectator Look

In honor of the Longine’s Global Champions Tour event in Miami this week, I put together a Spectator outfit that is fit for any venue… but I had to throw in a Miami beach look! The key to traveling to horse shows is packing with a color palette. I kept it black, white, and tan/brown and was able to easily translate my horse show spectator look to the beach with just a couple tweaks! Scroll down for outfit details. 

JEANS- Finding a good pair of white denim can be so challenging….these have been my favorite for years. ($90) 

BLOUSE- I swear by this button-up by Solid Citizen. I sized up to a medium for more of a relaxed fit. Currently sold out but this other style is super similar and I LOVE it. ($88) 

HAT – Riata (95) 

SCARF – This My Equestrian Style scarf totally changes the look of the hat… and you can wear it so many ways! ($36) 

SNEAKERS – These are so comfortable and super easy to clean. Come in a few different colors! ($109)


SKIRT: Technically a skort… I also bought it in black because its that good. On sale right now for ($37!!!) 

 BIKINI: The most classic LBB ($110) 

BLOUSE: Button up by Solid Citizen ($88)

HAT: Riata ($95) 

SCARF: MES Scarf ($36) 


SHOES ($49.95)


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