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Keeping it Casual

Equestrian sport highly values the traditional attire that dates back all the way to the mid 1600s! It is no wonder that the Hunt Seat Equitation style of riding is very  proper and formal. Colors are muted, hair is perfectly pulled up and collared show shirts are a requirement. I do love that the hunter/jumper […]

Brown is the new Black

As a disclaimer to this blog post, I am probably black’s biggest fan. But in the hunter/jumper world today,  I find that black is getting a little overdone, whether is it tall boots, jackets, belts, etc. In fact, I checked the USEF Rulebook and – for example – it doesn’t mention anything specific against brown tall […]

Huntsmen Bomber

Solid bomber jackets are hard to come by. Huntsmen and Hounds has this fantastic piece that is functional like a jacket but soft like a sweater! This bomber comes in the gorgeous mulberry color I have but also a really nice blue you can see on their website. One of my favorite features of this item […]

Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is all of the Holiday treats involved! I love making Christmas cookies- my Grandma always made her famous “Santa Cookies” which were a perfect sugar cookie cut out like santa with raisin eyes, rosy cheeks made out of red hard candy and a frosted beard topped with […]

Hunt Club

If you have looked at any of my past blog or instagram posts, one takeaway you will have is that I love black and white! I gravitate towards both colors whenever I am at a shop or browsing online. Shop Hunt Club sent me the most fabulous black and white ensemble and I just had […]

Lotus Romeo

The classic show look is sometimes hard to come by. I love my jackets to be really fitted without making the buttons burst at the seams! This Lotus Romeo ensemble has been my favorite show shirt-show jacket combo. The tech fabric of the jacket really makes the fit ideal. I also love the short collar […]

Callidae All Day

I have worn this one pair of tan Callidae breeches for some time now and I’m telling you, I liked them more than any Tailored Sportman pairs I own. Let me take a second to step on my soap box and tell you that there are so many wonderful breeches companies out there, so don’t […]

Baseball Hat

When I’m not at the barn, I love to be on the golf course! I really like this Stick and Ball Co. logo baseball hat. It’s a great white that works for any time of the year and the gold logo is so classy. I have worn this hat while at a horse show (dangerous, […]

Color Block Sweaters

Hellooooo Strangers! Long time no see! Sorry I have been MIA this passed month- I promise it is for good reasons. I have been swamped at work; we have been getting new clients, received 2 new imports from Germany and one more on the way this week, taking 18 horses to our next show and […]