Summer Socks

While the temperatures are rising, the last thing I want to do is bundle up on the thick layers, and that goes for socks, too. I have lucked out with some pretty amazing sock brands, and Dreamers and Schemers is no different!

While I normally wear a type of riding compression sock, these thinner nylon socks are great when I just can’t bear to add one more layer to my legs. Also, I can’t get enough of their fun patterns!

If you’ve been around My Equestrian Style long enough, you’ll know I’m not one for bling and flashy colors. but socks are different in my opinion! I can be as loud or silly with my socks because they are usually covered by my boots anyway! Or I can sport them  proudly around the barn with my sneakers. 

I do love how breathable these socks are, especially for the summer months in Florida! If you are prone to blisters or are breaking in a pair of new boots, I would suggest wearing ankle socks under these socks just for added protection. If you don’t have problems with your tall boots and are looking for a “barely there” feel, these Dreamers and Schemers socks will be perfect! 

xo, B