Fearless at the Block Bootcamp

New FREE Training July 11th-14th with Dr. Sam Fielding!

Do you ever feel that wave of debilitating fear at the mounting block?

Do you spend your time, money and energy focused on your goals, but you’re not making progress?

Do you experience anxiety at horse shows, inconsistent results, or lack of motivation towards riding?

Maybe you’ve tried to work on this but most of the books, podcasts, masterclasses and even the sports psychologists out there are feeding you strategies that don’t work.

Discover the fastest path to riding better.


In just 4 days, Dr. Sam Fielding is going to show you the exact path to get unstuck and solve your riding problems for good. And as a byproduct, start winning BIG both in the ring and out!


Day 1 – The Invisible Reins

Dr. Sam will show you how to identify the disconnect between you and your horse that’s holding you both back… and what to do about it.

Day 2 – Fear Less Focus

We’ll take the short path by isolating your personal specific challenge, that if addressed, will immediately improve your riding

Day 3 – Double Clear

Dr. Sam will share the bridge between the work you do in the ring and out… because we both know that riding better is not just about what happens inside the ring

Day 4 – Accelerated Growth

In this live private coaching call, we’ll take everything from the first 3 days, and I’ll show you how to 10x your riding experience without even having to get on your horse.

BONUS: Private Q&A at the end of Day 4

Dr. Sam Fielding, DAOM, LAc.

Dr. Sam is an Ivy league educated Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She is a wife, mother of two, competitive equestrian, skier, runner, climber and artist. Dr. Sam had paralyzing Post Partum Depression after her daughter was born and at her lowest point was suicidal. Through horses, acupuncture, and the work she now teaches to her clients, Dr. Sam transformed her life and found joy and purpose again. She gives people back their freedom, fire, and passion for life. While most programs follow a cookie cutter plan, Dr. Sam helps create a true transformation specific to each client based on the love for horses and finding ways to take the burden and stress from a “problem” out of their lives.




Dr. Sam teaching a mindset session at the 2022 Equestrian Workshop in Destin, Florida!