New Equestrian Brand

Herd of Zebras is an all new equestrian brand hitting the horse apparel market.

I love HofZ’s mission because we need more of that rawness in the industry. Zebras all look differently with their stripes but at the end of the day, they are all zebras! That’s totally how we are as women. We need to stick together despite our trials and differences.

Besides loving the brand vision, their clothes are adorable and comfortable!! If you went through my 2018 Holiday Lookbook you would have seen me sporting some of their pieces! This hoodie has that insanely soft inside fabric that makes you feel so cozy. I also love this canvas bag and hat with the HofZ logo!.. the bag is perfect for groceries- or horse treats!

Here’s a little peek from my Holiday Lookbook featuring Herd of Zebras! Please go check out their pieces at !


xo B