The Brown Leather Trend

Has anyone jumped on the brown leather bandwagon? I have in a big way. I school at home all the time in my brown tall boots, my Mane Jane brown spur straps and my brown Roeckl gloves! Technically, it doesn’t say anything against wearing brown boots and other accessories in the hunter and equitation rings, so I say, what are we waiting for?! (I bought my Ariat tall boots on sale for under $200 at State Line Tack!) So let me back up a minute and go head to toe on this look, because there’s a lot going on.

This monogrammed vest is one of the COZIEST things on the planet. Trust me, it feels as soft as it looks. I got this vest from BitKeepers and I’m tempted to get all of the colors! I love this rich navy color and the pop of white in the monogram. The vest comes with that perfect patch over your chest just begging for your embroidered initials! I also adore the gold zipper accent. I wear it out to the barn all the time to ride and to teach. I also have worn it several times outside of the barn on cooler nights or morning errands. I layered it over a simple white riding shirt from Ariat.

My Roeckl brown gloves are literally like butter. If you haven’t invested in a pair of Roeckl gloves, go get yourself some NOW. Here is their website haha! As I said, they are super soft but are made to last! With the amount of horses I ride, I used to go through gloves monthly. Now I own a couple pairs of Roeckl styles and I haven’t had to switch out a pair in months. I love my classic black pair but this rich chocolate brown with the brown gem stones are just so fun! 

These Free x Rein breeches actually go with any color scheme imaginable. Their slightly richer take on tan looks so luxurious. I especially love it paired with my brown leather ensembles. I’ve talked a lot about these breeches before because they actually feel comfy like leggings but are effective and functional like breeches. Not many brands have been able to accomplish that!

Like I said earlier, the tall boots are by Ariat, but what really adds to this look are my Mane Jane spur straps and Color Tack spurs. The straps are a patent leather tortoise shell color that really do look great with black or with brown. That’s the beauty of this color leather! The heart charms are subtle but add character. These titanium rolley spurs are some of my favorite spurs I have because I can keep them on no matter what horse I ride. I love the matte metal look, too. (They also have matte black…. so in love!)

Now, let’s get to the puppy! Fifa LOVES her Pup & Pony Tag Co. collar and leash… and by love I mean she has managed to keep it in one piece for several months now! (Side note: I promise we feed her three times a day… she is a Vizsla puppy and so she is just a skinny-mini!) When I saw the braided leather detailing of the leash, I had to get this set. The leather is durable and it just looks so classic. It gives the perfect nod at equestrian style without getting too cheesy or tacky. I constantly get asked where I got this set from horse and non-horse people alike! The leash is nice and long and the end handle loop is padded like a bridle. When I’m holding the leash it actually feels like reins! Such a cool style, Pup & Pony!!

xo, B