Art of Riding

You know me by now, I like all things neutral. Black, white, gray, navy, green, tan… thats about it! This easy look works in every setting. When I do wear cotton tees, they have to have something great to offer. I love this Gray & Bay Horse Co. t-shirt with the grey jumper on it because it tastefully can make any outfit equestrian. 

The other pieces should look familiar to you. I have this exact Huntsmen and Hounds bomber jacket in a muted red, but this grey color is next level. It is very soft and I love the leather zipper pull. My black Mane Jane leather belt is just an absolute staple and you seriously need one in your life. I wear a Mane Jane belt (I own three which is really 6 belt colors) several times a week because they are classy, match with everything, and made of durable materials.

Finally, these dark green R.J. Classics breeches are some of my favorite hunter breeches out there, with a wonderful price point to boot! The fabric is stretchy, the pockets are just the right size and the tan knee patches and mesh closure are so thoughtfully done. 

As much as I live my neutral bubble, every so often, I’m down for a splash of color. This Mermaid pattern garment and boot bag by Art of Riding was just too good to pass up. The pattern matches my wild Ariel hair AND the quality of these things are off the charts.

These bags are made of a neoprene fabric that is as squishy and soft as it is water resistant. The Art of Riding collection has some super fun patterns on their website!!

I just love all of the intricate detailing that when into these bags. The piping creates shape, the handles are comfortable to hold and the zippers are smooth yet sturdy. 

These bags to a great job of keeping my stuff clean. If you want something bright and adorable, I’d head over to Art of Riding and take a look at all the products for yourself! They are also sold at several horse shows! 

Every time I use these bags, I start singing The Little Mermaid in my head. “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?!” (If you aren’t singing that song right now, go rent The Little Mermaid ASAP!)

xo, B