Summer Beauty Care

I’m not one for spending a lot of time with make up- especially when I sweat everyday, whether I am riding or at the gym (or just stepping outside for 5 minutes in Florida heat!) However, I really value skincare and makeup that has both value and is cost effective. So I have two go-to products for this summer that I wanted to share with you that do just that! 

First things first- skincare! For the summer, I am always looking for something quick and gentle and nourishing to my skin because I am always on the go and extra busy during this time of the year. I started using Kleenex products about a month ago and I am so pleasantly surprised. First off, I didn’t know Kleenex made anything besides tissues, but I was so wrong. I started using this cleansing system through my friend, Forest, and was a little nervous because I have very sensitive skin. But my skin didn’t react poorly at all, in fact I feel like I have less blemished and my skin looks brighter. 

The first thing I use are moist eye makeup removing pads to remove any eye makeup. Then I use the exfoliating cushions that come dry and I run under water to activate the cushion. This is great to remove all of the dirt and makeup on my skin. I finish up with a basic moisturizer. That is usually my quick skincare routine at home, but I also keep a couple items with me for on the go. My favorite Kleenex product is the moist facial wipes. I keep one box in my car and the other in my tack trunk. They are so so perfect for after riding when I am all sweaty and covered in dirt! I also keep the shine away sheets in my car to wipe away any shine without taking off any sun screen or make up I have on. 

I am so impressed with these products. They are perfect solutions to quick, gentle and convenient skin care for the summer! You can shop all these items (really good price point) all on the link here! PS- right now they are offering a FREE trial kit– you can find it HERE

Now on to my favorite summer makeup! You may think this is a lame that my favorite makeup item is lipstick, but I don’t really wear much on my face or eyes during the summer because- again- sweat! I started using this product a couple weeks ago and I am in love! My go to summer lipstick is called LipSense

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t convinced it was going to work on me. LipSense is known for lasting on your lips the ENTIRE day. Like hours and hours without reapplying! So it took a couple of tries (my LipSense provider, Ashton gave me some application tips) I finally felt great about it. Now, I can wear it all day at the barn and it is still perfectly applied by dinnertime. 

This LipSense kit comes with three products: the lip color, the gloss, and an “eraser” to remove any color you accidentally apply outside of your lip line. I put on three very very thin coats on my lips, allowing the color to dry completely in between. Once the three layers are on and dried, I apply the gloss to seal the deal! You can contact my girl Ashton here to shop all of the LipSense colors and pick out your favorites.

So that’s my summertime skin care and makeup! Very light, very straightforward. But it works for me and I have very picky, sensitive skin. I hope this post was informative and gave you some ideas when you are looking for a lipstick or facial cleansing system.

xo, B