Germany Grand Prix

As soon as I found out my husband, Ethan and I were spending time in Germany before heading to Greece on vacation, I knew I needed to research to see if there were any horse shows to watch! (Especially since two weeks away from riding puts me in a depression) I found a wonderful 4* Grand Prix in Wiesbaden, Germany which was only a couple hours by train from where we are staying in Cologne. 

So we got our tickets (which we were very proud of ourselves for buying online passes from a completely German website!) and hopped on the train to Wiesbaden. The venue was stunning. It was located in a large park on the river with a stunning Mediterranean castle at the front of the event. There was both Jumping and Dressage, so while the course was being set, Ethan and I walked around the vendor area and watched some Dressage riders warm up. Now I know why we import in the States… these horses were fantastic. Huge, level headed, amazing animals. They were balanced and well-mannered. I wanted to change out of my dress and put on the first pair of breeches I saw and hop on!

We had perfect weather and a packed house. The majority of the contenders were German, but then Lillie Keenan came in the arena and Ethan and I didn’t feel like we were the only Americans there! GO USA. Lillie and Supersox had great rounds and ended up 3rd today! It was fantastic. 

I have spectated several other Grand Prix’s in the past- the most recent one being the Longines Grand Prix in Los Angeles. I absolutely loved it, but this experience today seemed so authentic. I don’t think I heard one other person speaking English, yet I completely understood how things worked and how the event carried on. I love how international this sport is, and I was so happy to be able to experience it in action in Germany.

Kind of a side note… whats a blog post without a little outfit inspiration!? Since it was so lovely outside today, I went with this awesome striped linen Monteau dress. (Borrowed it from my friend, Aubrey!) I love the chic neckline! Then I prepped it up with a little neck scarf and a pair of leather sandals. It was a super easy look with a little class for the event. Click the links at the bottom if you’d like to shop this look!

Overall, it was a long, long day, but SO worth the travel and the maneuvering around a new city. I told Ethan I’m totally adding spectating an entire world GP tour to my bucket list (behind, of course, competing in a world Grand Prix tour lol) Anyway, I am still adjusting to the time difference here in Germany, but we are off to Athens, Greece tomorrow and I can’t wait to share with you what is in store for these next ten days in Greece. 

xo, B

If you want the more official recap of today’s Grand Prix event, I linked it for you here!

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