Props to Peplum

I don’t know what it is about peplum tops that I like most: that they are perfect layering piece… or that they are super flattering no matter what you ate for lunch! 


I’ve been going through a phase of keeping my tops untucked from my breeches. I like to mix it up! This layering combination is great to have in your arsenal. I used to see riding outfits as three different possible combinations: 

1. low rise breeches with a regular length top (tucked in or untucked)

2. high waisted breeches with a cropped top

3. high waisted breeches with a regular length (tucked in)

But now, I give you:

4. low rise breeches with a peplum top and cropped top/sweater

Now of course there are sweaters, jackets and vests to add to the mix, but I think these are the four base outfit combinations! I love that I can wear all of the random cropped sweaters that I didn’t really know how to wear in a riding outfit before. I also can really appreciate that this peplum top is made out of a clima-cool material, so when the weather gets too toasty, you just peel off your cropped sweater! I would love to find a peplum top that has two lower layers: one top layer that ruffles and one under layer that lays flat and can be tucked into breeches; that way, when you are trotting, cantering or jumping, you’re not flashing your back or belly all day long. So if anyone knows of any peplum top like that out there, help a sister out!!

When it is all said and done, I think this low rise breech/peplum top/cropped sweater is super fashion forward while still being functional. Click the links below to shop a similar look!


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