Weekend Travel Style

Whenever I travel, I strive to be comfy, cozy, and cute!… in that order! Is it just me, or do you get super cold on airplanes, too?! 

I almost always fly in leggings, and I am obsessed with this pair from Fabletics. These loafers are ideal because they add a touch of fashion, but they still are super easy to slip off for security. These loafers are from Gap and I absolutely love that they are black so they match with everything, but they still have the graphic accent. (They are an older Style, but they usually always have similar pairs!) And ok, this tee is my absolute favorite thing… Gray and Bay Co. kills it with the most adorable tshirts. Obviously, this shirt would be great for riding, but the material is super soft and I just thought it was a perfect way to equestrian-ize my airport look! Lastly, I always, always, always wear a big warm sweater or poncho- this ones totally doubles as a blanket! 

Besides my outfit, there are a couple other things I always have with me. No matter how short the flight, I always pack my neck pillow because I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere! This one is memory foam and it is just the best. I also always pack an extra pair of warm fuzzy socks so that once I get in my seat, I slip off my shoes and get those socks on and I am set! 

Speaking of, I am about to take off! If you can imagine, I am in my fuzzy socks with my neck pillow and am cozy and comfy.. I’ll spare you the visual, but I’m sure you can picture it! 😉 Until next time– I’m going up, up and away! 

xo, B