Redingote Outerwear with Allison Malenfant and Connie DeMaio

Co-Founders Allison Malenfant and Connie DeMaio work together in creating the best technical outerwear pieces for equestrians through their brand, Redingote Equestrian. Having both grown up with horses, Allison and Connie understand the equestrian’s need for clothing to stay warm, dry, and organized no matter the weather or circumstance. Listen in to hear how they developed this amazing jumpsuit.

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Dreamers & Schemers and I recently collaborated, and I created a super cute pair of socks! You can find them by visiting the Dreamers & Schemers website or by clicking the link in my bio over @myequestrianstyle The cool thing about these socks is that they are part of the Dream & Do series. For every pair of socks sold, $5 goes to a nonprofit of my choice. For this pair I chose EAGALA, a program that helps people with any type of physical therapy or mental health treatment with the help of horses. Check out their website today!


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