My Individual Journey with Gretchen Adcock

They say horses are in your blood, and that they are, especially for Groom Tote founder Gretchen. Gret is often found at the barn spending countless hours with her 4 legged loved ones. Gret shows her equine partners on the AQHA All-Around circuit. Gret strives to create a brand and company that is rooted in the American Dream. Her prayer is to cultivate a brand for confident equestrians to share in our passion! She cares about trend-forward sustainable products that can transition to and from the barn.  Her dream is to empower women and strive to create a community that gives back. Gret has an extensive background in building business, brands and partnerships across many industries. Her drive for growth, success and fun have lead her down the path to create Groom Tote! Listen in!

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