Overcoming Adversity with Boyd Martin


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It could have been the stupidest decision of my life... it was well worth it though.
— Boyd Martin
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Website: boydandsilvamartin.com

Instagram: @boydmartin007

Boyd Martin is one of the most well-known and talented riders in eventing and the industry as a whole. Listen in as he talks about going through the really tough times and how he learns from them.

show highlights

“[Neville Bardos] was a good deal in hindsight, but at the time I thought I might’ve got done over.”

“It was surreal. I mean the whole barn was on fire.. I only had a tshirt and shorts and was getting burnt all over, it was miserable. It could have been the stupidest decision of my life… it was well worth it though.”

“With all horses there’s no magic out there. There’s no sudden flash of light that changes them. The one thing with horses is everyday you’re just chipping away trying to make them a little bit better and a little bit better.”