Breaking In with Kira Plymire


My motivation [to get out of rehab] was I need to get out so I can get back to riding my horses. This is all I want to do. I just realized that the only thing holding me back was myself.
— Kira Plymire
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“Just like with the lack of finances and then working for it, I think, I’ve really overcome some personal obstacles that I would’ve needed to deal with regardless of what I chose to do.”

“I always reference the fact that horses in general and hunter/jumpers or just the equestrian sport, I don’t think anyone is ever done learning.”


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Jumper Course Design with Nick Granat


As a little kid I always loved jumps and course design, and had a mini set when I was young. I was always very passionate about it.
— Nick Granat

I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, but hopefully people like my courses. McLain Ward and Kent Farrington are big supporters.”

“You have to take into account when we’re showing in the summer and it’s 104 degrees [fahrenheit], you’re not going to make the course fourteen numbers long with an immediate jump off after.”

What Riders are Saying about Nick Granat :

Source:  EQ MEDIA

Source: EQ MEDIA

Source:  EQ MEDIA

Source: EQ MEDIA


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Working Student Initiative with Taylor Oxley


I had started by going to people first that I knew had been working students and asked them, and they were able to give me resources...
— Taylor Oxley

“ Because I was there for so long, it ended up turning from a working student position to an assistant trainer position, so I kind of got the best of both worlds.”

“Doing online school has definitely opened up more opportunities [for finding and maintaining a working student position.]”


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Influencing the Equestrian Industry with Helen Pollock


Don’t give up. I think for somebody starting something, it takes consistency. And have passion.
— Helen Pollock

Emotional health is key. The number one thing is to remember how to breathe. It’s super valuable to learn.

“Keep following your dreams. If that’s what really makes you happy, connect with people. I reach out to tons of other bloggers.”

“I think working full time and being able to ride, I’m grateful for it, and I’m grateful for a barn that they let me come out pretty early in the morning before I work, and then my bosses at work are really understanding with me coming in a little later. That’s been a long time in the making.”


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Selfless Success with Max Corcoran


“The riders look to us as the leader of the after care. It’s critical for them to have a person on the ground who can do their horses so they can do their job as a rider.”
— Max Corcoran
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“The riders look to us as the leader of the after care. It’s critical for them to have a person on the ground who can do their horses so they can do their job as a rider.”

“There’s so many things that you gotta keep aware of. One of the things that David and Karen for sure taught me when thinking off the top of your head is to notice what’s not right.”

“It needs to be a very selfless industry.”

Equestrian Entrepreneurship with Lucy Davis

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They say a good coach can really make you feel comfortable as an underdog or as a young competitor. I always felt that wherever I was competing I was ready to be there because I had this kind of mentor and guidance that I knew was a lot more strategic than just me wanting to be there.
— Lucy Davis
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Lucy Davis became an Olympic Showjumper and Co-Founder of Pony App all before the age of 25. In this week’s episode, you’ll hear about her equestrian inspiration, laser-focus and entrepreneurship skills! This is a good one you won’t want to miss!

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“You kind of split your energy [when trying to balance it all]. Maybe one winter I’m focused a little bit more on my schoolwork, kind of 70% school, 20% riding, 10% Lucy.”

“It really seems like the idea of having a community around horses and riders is what we’ve found is the most exciting and are sort of moving towards that community on Pony App.”



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Developing Grit with Noelle Floyd


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I got on a plane. I didn’t even know where I was going to work or ride. I just knew I needed to be over there.”
— Noelle Floyd
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ISSUE 1 of Noelle Floyd Magazine, 2015

ISSUE 1 of Noelle Floyd Magazine, 2015



INSTAGRAM: brand @noellefloyd personal @iamnoellefloyd is one of the world’s leading equestrian sport and lifestyle websites in the industry started by Noelle as an online blog in 2012. With a ton of vision, dedication and -of course- grit, Noelle has expanded her empire to an printed magazine (see her very first issue below), online shop, subscription box among several other successful endeavors. Listen in on how she got to where she is today!


“Horse connection was something I was very passionate about”, “this is 100% my calling.”

“I wasn’t really gifted [rider]. I wasn’t an Eric Lamaze, or a Kent Farrington, or a Beezie Madden, by any stretch, so the next few steps were really nerve racking.

“If you want this baby that you’ve built to grow, you have to sort of put in all hours of the day and night, and work 7 days a week.”

Overcoming Adversity with Boyd Martin


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It could have been the stupidest decision of my life... it was well worth it though.
— Boyd Martin
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Boyd Martin is one of the most well-known and talented riders in eventing and the industry as a whole. Listen in as he talks about going through the really tough times and how he learns from them.

show highlights

“[Neville Bardos] was a good deal in hindsight, but at the time I thought I might’ve got done over.”

“It was surreal. I mean the whole barn was on fire.. I only had a tshirt and shorts and was getting burnt all over, it was miserable. It could have been the stupidest decision of my life… it was well worth it though.”

“With all horses there’s no magic out there. There’s no sudden flash of light that changes them. The one thing with horses is everyday you’re just chipping away trying to make them a little bit better and a little bit better.”