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The Highs and Lows of my Skin

In the roller coaster that is my skin, I would often find myself actually feeling insecure and gross if I have a few extra red bumps on my face, which sounds so silly to type out, but it’s true! It’s pretty remarkable how a couple zits can completely change my mood. Something I have been […]

Hair Mask Tutorial

So, I have to confess that I like to wait several days between hair washes (it’s good for your hair, right?). The thing that saves me at end of that time is doing a hair mask! The how-to for my go-to hair mask is below! I use some common things you’d have in your house […]

Colors for Your Complexion

With spring approaching, I am so excited to start adding color to my outfits! When the sun starts shining and weather gets warmer (for some of us anyway), I always love to use more color, but it can be difficult to decide what my skin tone really is and which colors look best with it. […]

Healthy Hair

Equestrians and non-equestrians alike are always looking for the best ways to get those luscious locks! My hair goes through a lot in a day. From being trapped in a helmet for hours to being in the sun while I teach, at the end of the day, my hair needs a little love. So, I’ve […]

My Skincare Routine

It’s so hard to find a good quality skincare routine. I feel like I have tried nearly every drug-store/Target brand option out there and it left my skin feeling oily, broken out or crazy dry. I have found that with major trial and error, I have a pretty good lineup of products that are easy […]

Affordable Teeth Whitening

how I made my smile brilliant! This is an honest review about an at-home teeth whitening system! Read to the bottom for a coupon code and special giveaway!  For me, my smile is my first impression and what makes me unique. Smiles are like snowflakes; I love that every smile has a different size and […]

Oils for you and your Horses

Over the last several years, essential oils have gained popularity immensely. When they first started coming out, I wasn’t very convinced of their effectiveness. Now, I see how they can truly help both humans and horses. My sister, Bridget, sells Young Living Essential Oils and is also a horse rider. I first saw the effects […]

Lashes By Lita

Over the several weeks, I have been getting eyelash extensions and I HAD to share my experience with all of you. Click HERE to watch my video review!  If you want the short version, I never have been a makeup person, so eyelash extensions never appealed to me before. But now, I’m hooked! I went […]

Summer Beauty Care

I’m not one for spending a lot of time with make up- especially when I sweat everyday, whether I am riding or at the gym (or just stepping outside for 5 minutes in Florida heat!) However, I really value skincare and makeup that has both value and is cost effective. So I have two go-to […]