Stable to Street Style

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One of the things I look for most in equestrian brands is versatility. I love it when a brand has a product that I can wear riding all day or to go out to dinner or run errands. Stick & Ball Co. is an amazing company that isn't just about fashion. Currently, they have a philanthropy program called, "Stick & Ball in their Tees w/ Ties" to help children who lost homes in Huston. For every tee sold, Stick & Ball Co. will donate a tee to a child. How amazing is that?! If that doesn't sell you, this Tobiana tee (also comes in red and blue) is incredibly soft and the definition of versatile. 


I have worn it to ride 6 horses, go out to dinner with my husband, and gone shopping with a girlfriend. This tee is so incredibly soft and I love the neckline. While I was riding it was perfectly feminine around my shoulders, but I was able to wear it out with a little off-the-shoulder action! 

You can choose from several tees *HERE* as well as the other amazing products that Stick & Ball Co. offers. (Spoiler Alert: I will be sporting a super chic baseball hat in an upcoming post!) 

xo, B


Pony Jewels

You can make any outfit into an equestrian outfit with a little help from some pony jewelry! Fleur A Cheval has some adorable pieces that I got to try and I think they are the icing on the cake to any outfit. They also hand-craft some amazing and unique flowers to put in your horse's mane and tail (stay tuned for another blog post about that!) 

Here are some of the necklaces I got from Fleur A Cheval. I typically don't gravitate toward silver jewelry, but I have really been liking these pieces. My favorite is the simple horse shoe necklace, but I like layering several of these necklaces for one look. I also got one of my new favorite pieces of jewelry: the Cantering Charms bracelet. It is SUCH an easy wrist layering piece; I've been wearing it all the time. 

This necklace was also one of my favorites. The quote says, "Horses aren't my whole life... They make my life whole." Isn't that cute? I love the little horse shoe hanging along the chain! They are great necklaces to wear everyday or to purchase as a gift for a friend or relative. Right now, Fleur A Cheval is giving one free flower clip with every piece of jewelry you buy! It's a great way to give some extra bling to you and your horse for the price of one! 

I can't wait to show you guys more FAC jewelry and flowers in my upcoming blog posts, but for now, make sure you shop around! HERE is the link to take a look at Fleur A Cheval's amazing line of items for "four-leggeds" and "two-leggeds!" 

Stay tuned for more!

xo, B

How to Wear One Scarf Five Ways

I am just loving that scarfs and bandanas are back on trend! They are so classic, preppy, and chic. Red Scarf Equestrian sent me the most gorgeous scarf and I couldn't even decide my favorite way to wear it; so I thought I would share 5 of my favorite ways to wear the same scarf!

 First things first, this scarf is a 36"x36" silk fabric. It is definitely on a larger scale than your typical square bandana or neck scarf, but I found that you could do so much more with it than a normal 12"x12" bandana. So without further ado, here are 5 equestrian-inspired ways to wear a silk scarf, care of Red Scarf Equestrian

no. 1 : scarf belt

With the help of Red Scarf Equestrian's incredible Gidget, I transformed my scarf into a belt! How cute is that?! To do this, I folded the scarf multiple times diagonally, looped each end through the Gidget, and then tied it in place. The Gidget acts like a belt buckle and actually releases into two parts so if you needed to take it on and off during the day, you wouldn't have to untie the entire belt! This scarf is also long enough to wear as a tied belt without the Gidget, but I think it added a whole new level of sophistication. If you take a closer look, the dee ring snaffle buckle makes this look all the more equestrian. Besides for this look, I would also style this belt on a simple, black dress and knee-high boots- perfect for fall! 

no. 2 : neck scarf

This one is arguably the most common way to wear a silk bandana or scarf. My favorite thing about the Red Scarf Equestrian scarf worn this way is how it works with almost any neckline. Whether your top is collared, crew neck, boat neck, or off the shoulder, the simple knot neck scarf takes a very basic and maybe bland outfit and turns it into something intriguing. I felt like I needed a little convertible in the adorable streets of Savannah, Georgia with my neck scarf blowing in the winds! Because of the length,  I wrapped this particular scarf several times diagonally, and then started with it in the position as if I was going to tie it in back. Then I brought the ends back to the front and knotted it in the front. Finishing touch was a little shimmy of the knot to one side and that was all I did! I also think that even though the scarf was long, you could still simply knot it in front for even longer pieces hanging down.

no. 3 : add to a hat

Do you already own a plain straw or beach hat? I took this basic hat and turned it to a hat with whimsy and femininity. Simply fold the scarf in a triangle and then made several 1" folds. Then wrap the scarf around the hat where the brim meets the hat and tied it in a knot toward the back. I felt like it is the perfect solution to a wild hair day, which many of my days are! It is also a great look for running around at a horse show or hanging out at the beach. I just love the simple elegance of the RSE scarf wrapped on a hat! I can't wait to add it to a black felt floppy hat for the fall.

no. 4 : cowboy neck scarf

I never thought I could pull off this cowboy neck scarf, but when my mom showed me how her and her friends used to wear their scarves liked this in the 80s, I really thought it was fun! I especially liked how it balanced out my off the shoulder top so elegantly. It is really simple to do: Fold your scarf into a triangle, and then take the two ends of your triangle and tie a knot behind your head. Let the front fall and drape at a length that is comfortable, adjusting the knot if need be. I was especially obsessed with this style because of how well it showed off the gorgeous pattern! The geometric black and white patterns paired with the iconic horse and hound print is the epitome of class, and I love how RSE paired all of them together so effortlessly. 

no. 5 : scarf headband 

The final way I wanted to highlight today was the way I wore the RSE scarf around my head! There are dozens of ways you could wear this scarf as a headband, but I thought this way was really cute! Again, I folded my scarf into a triangle and then continued to fold several times until I had a long, 1" strip. Then I put the scarf underneath my hair so that the ends were facing up and the middle of the scarf was under my hair. After that I knotted the scarf towards the top of my head and tucked in the loose ends under the part of the scarf that was already around my head. It was so easy and it looks effortless. I've also worn the Red Scarf Equestrian scarf this way with my hair in a top knot, a braid, and a high pony tail, and I it looked so feminine! It's a wonderful upgrade from your basic headband and adds an accessory pop to your outfit. 

There are hundreds of more ways that you can wear the Red Scarf Equestrian scarf but these five are definitely my favorite! I would love to hear which way was your favorite, and if you have any more ways I should know about! I would strongly suggest you check out Red Scarf Equestrian's website HERE or click HERE to get your hands on this exact scarf. 

xo, B

Pretty in Pink

I have totally jumped on the colored sunglasses lens bandwagon! I love blues and purples and especially pinks! Pink sunnies and a pink bandana were perfect accessories for this classy Gray & Bay Co. vneck tee. The light pick emblem is so subtle but just enough graphic to not be a boring plain tshirt.


I wore this outfit out to visit some rescue horses our barn just picked up and it was cool and comfortable. I am super picky about cotton-type materials because I feel like they usually aren't cool enough to wear in Florida's hot weather. This tee really has a great feel to it.


I am wearing a size small and I think they run a touch small. I think it is the perfect fit to tuck into breeches, but for wearing around the house I would size up.  Gray & Bay Co. has a lot of beautiful designs- you can check them out here!!

xo, B


Summer Beauty Care

I'm not one for spending a lot of time with make up- especially when I sweat everyday, whether I am riding or at the gym (or just stepping outside for 5 minutes in Florida heat!) However, I really value skincare and makeup that has both value and is cost effective. So I have two go-to products for this summer that I wanted to share with you that do just that! 

First things first- skincare! For the summer, I am always looking for something quick and gentle and nourishing to my skin because I am always on the go and extra busy during this time of the year. I started using Kleenex products about a month ago and I am so pleasantly surprised. First off, I didn't know Kleenex made anything besides tissues, but I was so wrong. I started using this cleansing system through my friend, Forest, and was a little nervous because I have very sensitive skin. But my skin didn't react poorly at all, in fact I feel like I have less blemished and my skin looks brighter. 

The first thing I use are moist eye makeup removing pads to remove any eye makeup. Then I use the exfoliating cushions that come dry and I run under water to activate the cushion. This is great to remove all of the dirt and makeup on my skin. I finish up with a basic moisturizer. That is usually my quick skincare routine at home, but I also keep a couple items with me for on the go. My favorite Kleenex product is the moist facial wipes. I keep one box in my car and the other in my tack trunk. They are so so perfect for after riding when I am all sweaty and covered in dirt! I also keep the shine away sheets in my car to wipe away any shine without taking off any sun screen or make up I have on. 

I am so impressed with these products. They are perfect solutions to quick, gentle and convenient skin care for the summer! You can shop all these items (really good price point) all on the link here! PS- right now they are offering a FREE trial kit-- you can find it HERE

Now on to my favorite summer makeup! You may think this is a lame that my favorite makeup item is lipstick, but I don't really wear much on my face or eyes during the summer because- again- sweat! I started using this product a couple weeks ago and I am in love! My go to summer lipstick is called LipSense

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't convinced it was going to work on me. LipSense is known for lasting on your lips the ENTIRE day. Like hours and hours without reapplying! So it took a couple of tries (my LipSense provider, Ashton gave me some application tips) I finally felt great about it. Now, I can wear it all day at the barn and it is still perfectly applied by dinnertime. 

This LipSense kit comes with three products: the lip color, the gloss, and an "eraser" to remove any color you accidentally apply outside of your lip line. I put on three very very thin coats on my lips, allowing the color to dry completely in between. Once the three layers are on and dried, I apply the gloss to seal the deal! You can contact my girl Ashton here to shop all of the LipSense colors and pick out your favorites.

So that's my summertime skin care and makeup! Very light, very straightforward. But it works for me and I have very picky, sensitive skin. I hope this post was informative and gave you some ideas when you are looking for a lipstick or facial cleansing system.

xo, B

Gray & Bay

Who is ready for the weekend?!? I sure am. I rode all day, and I think it is safe to say I am still getting used to my first Florida summer. (just moved from LA and I am feeling this humidity!) 

In other news, this amazing brand- Gray & Bay Horse Co. - sent me this lovely tshirt (I'll be sharing the other one they sent me next week!) that I can literally wear. with. EVERYTHING. You know how you have those tops that you can only wear with a select few things? They only match with one pair of jeans or one or two pairs of breeches... one of them being black or white? Well one of my absolute favorite things about this tee is its completely carefree. I can throw it on with any pair of breeches (even the tricky ones that don't match with much, like this rust pair) or shorts or a skirt and it will go. I love it under a denim jacket or under overalls too. It's such a cool graphic that it is the perfect stable-to-street look. 

I took a little screenshot of some of their other styles.... don't you want ALL of them!? You can click on the screenshot or click the link right HERE to snag your own Gray & Bay tees. I am wearing a size small and I like the snug fit for both riding or layering under things, but if you are looking for a roomier fit, I would size up. 



Bring on the White!

This is not a good title. I am all about wearing white all year round! But something about bright white screams summertime or vacation to me. 


I am really into these shorts! I think they are the perfect fit and perfect cut at a 3" inseam. Also, how stinking cute are those embroidered navy anchors?! 


Now, don't even get me started about the rest of these pieces... my pal Liz who is the genius behind KLM Equestrian designed the rest of my outfit. The tshirt is so soft and great for in and out of the saddle. Really like that the front is plain and the back has the KLM logo. 


If you're like me and love you some layers, this windbreaker is seriously the best. The pockets are zippered which is ideal for keeping my phone safe in my pocket while I'm riding. There is also an option to have a hood or zipper it up the back of the collar to get rid of it. The back zipper is also great to hold gum, chapstick, and horse treats. I am so excited to take this to my next horse show.


Lastly, this belt is just adorable. I love the periwinkle paisley pattern! I was also pleasantly surprised with how sturdy it was. Sometimes those closures kind of slide looser and looser as the day goes on, but I've ridden in it several times and it stays put. Another thing that worried me is that I was convinced I would get it dirty. Well, I was right, but I literally put it in the washer with the rest of my load and let it air dry, and boom! It was like brand new again. 


If I didn't make it clear already, I am really digging KLM Equestrian products. You'll be seeing more from them on my blog, that's for sure!

xo, B  


Chambray All Day

When I finally get around to creating a capsule wardrobe, this chambray shirt will most definitely make the cut. Something about the relaxed fit and the multiple options of wear, the chambray button up shirt is a go-to for me. I wear it buttoned all the way up with a statement necklace, tuck it in, leave it out, tie it up, wear it open over a graphic tee and tie it around my waist. I have recently added this top into my everyday riding attire because it is comfy but classy. I prepped it up by adding a bandana around my neck. This look is super easy and after I ride in it, I can easily switch my breeches to a pair of jeans, shorts, or a skirt, and I am ready for running errands or a lunch date. 

This look is super easy to achieve. Below are the links to where you can recreate this outfit for yourself:


Chambray Shirt          |          Bandana          |          Breeches          |          Boots

My Equestrian Style

Hey friend! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, My Equestrian Style! Ever since I was 4 years old, my mom would find me sitting in the middle of my closet with about 7 layers of outfits on. I think that was when I knew I loved fashion and creativity.. and I really knew how to take "the layered look" to a whole other level! 

When I was 5, I started riding horses because my oldest sister had been riding since she was little. It was the cool thing to do! Well much to my parent's dismay :), I fell in love with the sport and wanted to be at the barn all day, everyday. Monday's were the worst day of the week because the barn was closed. This passion for riding only grew through grade school and high school. I went to as many shows as I could and had wonderful opportunities leasing some amazing horses.

I went out of state to Ohio to attend a small private university that did not have a riding program and not really any barns in the vicinity. I decided it was time to take a little break to focus on college. (My parents were like, "Maybe she is actually done!") While in college, I was involved in some fashion/styling related jobs and leadership roles that made me really fall in love with fashion. I spent my final college summer in Los Angeles as an intern for Jennifer Meyer Jewelry, which was an absolute dream! Jen is so cool and is making stuff happen, and I knew I would love to be apart of it. So three weeks after graduation, I got married and my husband Ethan and I moved out to LA to work for Jen full time. We were really loving newlywed California living- tiny apartment, trying to afford rent, getting stuck in traffic on a daily basis... haha! But really, even though Ethan wasn't too keen on this new lifestyle, he stuck it out for me to pursue my fashion goals. Well it turns out that job just wasn't for me- I felt like I wasn't able to be fully creative and really wanted to go out and do something on my own. Ethan and I had already been running our own wedding photography business, Two Lee Photography, but I needed to find something that would truly make me happy again. 

So naturally, I went back to my roots and thought I would give riding another try! I reached out to dozens of private farms in Malibu to see if anyone needed a rider. Nothing. I called more farms to see if they needed a barn manager or office staff. Heck, I would clean stalls at this point! Several weeks later- and several weeks poorer, mind you- I heard back from a trainer from one of those private barns in Malibu. She called to say she didn't need anyone right now, but she would keep my information in case she did later on. "Okay," I thought, "Thanks for the pity call!" But then she added, "I do have a friend of a friend who always needs riders. I will go ahead and pass your number along to him." So we left it at that and I never spoke to her again. I actually do not even remember her name! But a couple weeks after that call, I heard from Nick Karazissis: owner, trainer, and clinician of Far West Farms in Calabasas, CA. I had no idea who he was, but after I was hired on as a full time rider and trainer, I found out he was one of the best trainers in the entire West Coast. 

I had such an unbelievable experience at Far West. I rode nearly 10 horses daily, and with each horse, Nick gave me the tools to ride that horse effectively. I can still hear his commentary in my ear sometimes when I ride, partly because we always wore ear pieces when we rode and Nick would speak into them all day long! I learned what it meant to ride with purpose and teach with true knowledge. I had the opportunity to be one of the trainers in the farm's growing Riding School program and Summer Camp and had about 25 clients I worked with on a consistent basis. Even though I was sometimes working 60-hour weeks, I was soaking it all in and excited to get to work every morning! 

But alas, all good things come to an end. (This is totally not a pity party, we left for a great reason!) While we were living in LA, Ethan was growing more and more passionate about real estate investing and is the kind of crazy person who can read books and articles and completely know how things work. I envy you people! Anyway, he started buying rental properties on the East Coast because that is where we could afford them. For those of you who aren't familiar with the living situation in Los Angeles, you can't really buy anything for less than $350,000- and that would be for a dump of a house! Once Ethan had accumulated several rental properties, he started learning more and more about flipping houses. He so desperately wanted to start flipping, but it was impossible to get anything going in California. Ethan had the opportunity to move to Northern Florida to do just that, and so we headed East! 

We loved our couple years as West Coasters and were sad to leave, but very soon after entering Florida, we really did fall in love. Houses were cheap, everything was cheap, and horses were everywhere you looked. It was a dream come true for both of us! Now we both get to live our dreams everyday! Ethan is currently finishing up our first flip that will go on the market this year, and I get to ride horses with a wonderful trainer in St. Augustine. 

As much as I was overjoyed to ride as many ponies as I could fit into a day, I knew that I still needed a creative outlet. With our love for photography and my passion for riding and fashion, I started dreaming up My Equestrian Style. Ethan has been a huge part of MES, taking lots of pretty pictures as the head photographer of the blog! (Instagram Husbands share a special place in my heart!)

I want to create a space that other riders could go to gain inspiration of realistic yet fashion forward outfits for on and off the horse. Equestrian fashion is the epitome of class, but I also like to tie in touches of girly, chic or edgy. When you think of riding attire, it doesn't have to all be breeches, belts and a polo. I love to mix it up, but I promise all of my outfits that are published as "Riding Attire" will be just that... nothing unrealistic that gets in the way of riding. But style is more than just clothes: it is design, travel, health, and so much more. This is why you will also see blog posts about interior design or pony stationary or equestrian inspired fitness! So stay awhile and be apart of the journey! This doesn't just have to be MY Equestrian Style!

xo, B