Look for Less

As much as I love the look of high end clothing, my wallet does not always like their prices. Recently I’ve been trying to find cheaper look-alikes for my favorite pieces.

Gucci post 1.jpg

I found this knock off Gucci belt on Amazon and I love the look and quality of it! This belt will definitely hold up well whether you wear it riding or around the show grounds for the weekend, even though it’s under $25. Click here to add it to your wardrobe!

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My top is a silk scarf by Red Scarf Equestrian. All of their products are so cute, but if you’re looking for a look-alike, SheIn has a less expensive option here. Hermes also has many high quality options, but this is one of my favorites. If you own a square scarf, it’s super easy to fold it diagonally and tie it around your bust for a cute tube top shirt!

Gucci post 3.jpg

My sweater, shoes, and jeans are all from SheIn. I haven’t found a product of theirs that I don’t like! Everything they have is priced very reasonably, but is still super adorable.

I wore this entire outfit at WEF last weekend and I got so many compliments! Each of the pieces look amazing whether your at a horse show or at a non-horsey event. I also love the belt to wear with breeches! Either way, so Equestrian chic.

xo, MES


ps- is you loved this post, let me know! I am happy to keep posting dupes for you on a consistent basis ❤️ 

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When You Accidentally Match Your Dog

Has anyone ever told you you look like your pet? I always thought that was stupid to think, but now that I am a dog mom, I can see the resemblance... well, Fifa and I have the same hair color at least! And without realizing it, I matched my outfit with her leash and collar the other day! Since I first started wearing SheIn’s products, I’ve always loved them. They’re made of quality materials and are super cute, so when I saw this outfit, I knew I had to have it. It wasn’t until it was delivered that I realized it matched Fifa’s collar and leash from Urbana!

I absolutely adore this jacket! It’s warm enough to wear on those chilly Florida days (yes, even in Southern Florida it gets cold!), without being too bulky or uncomfortable. The material is super soft and feels more like a cozy blanket than a coat.

These jeans are also from SheIn and they are my new favorite pair! The distressing on them is super cute and the ankle length is very chic. I love the fit of them and they’re super comfortable!


Fifa’s collar and matching leash are both from Urbana and I couldn’t be happier with them. Fifa is a super active dog, but the quality materials of these products have held up great. Urbana has products for all shapes and sizes of dogs. You can check them out on their Instagram here!

xo, MES