Key West Pink


This weekend Ethan and I went to Key West for a little work getaway! We photographed a wedding on Saturday and decided to make a weekend of it. We had a blast exploring this electic little spot. 


It took us about 8 hours to drive there from Jacksonville, FL. Key West is the furthermost island in the string of islands off the southern coast of Florida that make up the "Florida Keys." Once you get past the last mainland town of Homestead, you start on the two lane bridged road through all of the Keys. It's a beautiful drive overlooking the bright aqua water and palm trees. 


We spent much of the time eating food, checking out the night life and enjoying the beautiful scenery and architecture. I had a chance to shoot in a couple looks, but this one was for sure a favorite- especially because of my breathtaking backdrop! As soon as I saw this big pink mansion, I knew we had to shoot here. The Southernmost House was a beautiful boutique hotel that really captured the Plantation-Caribbean essence that we felt Key West was all about. 


I pretty much packed everything in my Gray & Bay Horse Co. weekender duffle and was SO pleasantly surprised with how it matched all of the pinky hues in Key West! This tote is such a thick canvas bag and its leather handles and a comfy strap make it so easy to use for a weekend away or to take to a horse show.


I also strolled around in my Sloane Ranger crossbody purse in the Banana Leaves pattern was just perfect for the Keys and ideal to hold the essentials. I could easily fit a small wallet, phone, sunscreen and chapstick in it for excursions and going to grab food. I also am so excited to bring it to WEF next weekend to carry around at the show! Another equestrian element I love to add to my street style looks is this Hampton Ivy white bit bangle. It is so classy and matches everything!


My dress is made by All For Color and first off, it is SO comfy!! I ended up throwing on leggings that evening and sleeping in it! But I could have easily styled it with a statement necklace and black pumps or espadrille wedges and dressed it right up. I loved the addition of the fluted sleeves. It added just enough interest to the silhouette without being dysfunctional (is anyone picturing those super cute fluted or tasseled long sleeve shirts where they end up dragging in your food or getting caught on everything? Become your puppy's chew toys? I'm speaking from experience.) Most importantly, the dress has these FABULOUS deep pockets that every dress needs. I belted my dress to accentuate my waist a little but to also tie in my brown leather sandals!


These Katharine Page equestrian sandals are everything. Every single person needs these sandals and I have already raved about the KP ballet flats. This model is called the Fairfield Sandal in Bridle Brown. The luxurious leather straps are buttery soft- not stiff at all. Katharine Page thought of everything with this footwear! The footbed is structured but cushy. The straps are stable but have hidden elastic in all the right places to make it easy to slide into them and stay in. I just love how the fancy bridle stitching on every piece of Katharine Page footwear makes turns any old look into an equestrian chic one!


All in all, we loved Key West and all of its vibrance! We will definitely be back in the summer/fall when the water is warmer to do some snorkeling in that clear blue water. I'm so glad I took my equestrian-inspired spring pieces with me to blend right in to this cool island! Keep a lookout for my other Key West look. Click the links throughout my blogpost to shop my look or see some similar styles in the link below: via #liketoknowit

xo, B


Bra Kitty

Okay so I need to let you in on a little secret... there is newer item called Bra Kitty and whoever invented this product is a genius. What the heck is it, you ask? I was a little confused at first, too. You almost need to try it for yourself to really see how cool it is. But I was able to get my hands on one for my recent trip to Greece, and it was a lifesaver. 

What it is is a carrying case for your bras and other undergarments or swimwear. The outside is shaped like a bra (a bra that would be way, way too big for me haha!) but you can fit a half a dozen bras in there! What I love is the material is soft and pliable, but definitely keeps it shape, kind of like a suitcase! 

I used my Bra Kitty for my bras and swimsuits. I really like to keep my underwire bras protected from being smashed in my suitcase. I also liked my swim suits in there because I always end up digging through my suitcase to find them! 

The Bra Kitty comes in a million different patterns, but I got is stunning blue watercolor pattern and if you look closely, you can see that it is a map of the world- I thought it was perfect for Greece! 

I will definitely be taking these on my travels and even weekends away. The only thing I will say is that it rather large- so I just needed to make space for it while packing. It definitely isn't something I would add last minute to an already full suitcase! But I think it holds a useful purpose by organizing my undergarments and swimwear, keeps the shape of my underwire bras so they aren't flattened or bent funny during travel, and it is just super cute! I have even used it for a weekend away and it held a couple bras and underwear as well as my toiletries and sunscreen! 

You can pick out your Bra Kitty by clicking here- I think it is a super fun and useful investment! 




PS- Here are my outfit details if you're interested! :

Crop Top              |             Linen Pants              |               Similar Sandals          

Do you think all of these items could fit in one Bra Kitty?? Click the photo to see this adorable animation on their website! 

Do you think all of these items could fit in one Bra Kitty?? Click the photo to see this adorable animation on their website! 

Germany Grand Prix

As soon as I found out my husband, Ethan and I were spending time in Germany before heading to Greece on vacation, I knew I needed to research to see if there were any horse shows to watch! (Especially since two weeks away from riding puts me in a depression) I found a wonderful 4* Grand Prix in Wiesbaden, Germany which was only a couple hours by train from where we are staying in Cologne. 


So we got our tickets (which we were very proud of ourselves for buying online passes from a completely German website!) and hopped on the train to Wiesbaden. The venue was stunning. It was located in a large park on the river with a stunning Mediterranean castle at the front of the event. There was both Jumping and Dressage, so while the course was being set, Ethan and I walked around the vendor area and watched some Dressage riders warm up. Now I know why we import in the States... these horses were fantastic. Huge, level headed, amazing animals. They were balanced and well-mannered. I wanted to change out of my dress and put on the first pair of breeches I saw and hop on!

We had perfect weather and a packed house. The majority of the contenders were German, but then Lillie Keenan came in the arena and Ethan and I didn't feel like we were the only Americans there! GO USA. Lillie and Supersox had great rounds and ended up 3rd today! It was fantastic. 

I have spectated several other Grand Prix's in the past- the most recent one being the Longines Grand Prix in Los Angeles. I absolutely loved it, but this experience today seemed so authentic. I don't think I heard one other person speaking English, yet I completely understood how things worked and how the event carried on. I love how international this sport is, and I was so happy to be able to experience it in action in Germany.

Kind of a side note... whats a blog post without a little outfit inspiration!? Since it was so lovely outside today, I went with this awesome striped linen Monteau dress. (Borrowed it from my friend, Aubrey!) I love the chic neckline! Then I prepped it up with a little neck scarf and a pair of leather sandals. It was a super easy look with a little class for the event. Click the links at the bottom if you'd like to shop this look!

Overall, it was a long, long day, but SO worth the travel and the maneuvering around a new city. I told Ethan I'm totally adding spectating an entire world GP tour to my bucket list (behind, of course, competing in a world Grand Prix tour lol) Anyway, I am still adjusting to the time difference here in Germany, but we are off to Athens, Greece tomorrow and I can't wait to share with you what is in store for these next ten days in Greece. 

xo, B

If you want the more official recap of today's Grand Prix event, I linked it for you here!

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DRESS    |     SCARF     |       SUNGLASSES        |         SANDALS

** I apologize if some of these outfit details link to european sites, as I am currently in Germany! Please reach out if you need help finding something! **

Weekend Travel Style

Whenever I travel, I strive to be comfy, cozy, and cute!... in that order! Is it just me, or do you get super cold on airplanes, too?! 

I almost always fly in leggings, and I am obsessed with this pair from Fabletics. These loafers are ideal because they add a touch of fashion, but they still are super easy to slip off for security. These loafers are from Gap and I absolutely love that they are black so they match with everything, but they still have the graphic accent. (They are an older Style, but they usually always have similar pairs!) And ok, this tee is my absolute favorite thing... Gray and Bay Co. kills it with the most adorable tshirts. Obviously, this shirt would be great for riding, but the material is super soft and I just thought it was a perfect way to equestrian-ize my airport look! Lastly, I always, always, always wear a big warm sweater or poncho- this ones totally doubles as a blanket! 

Besides my outfit, there are a couple other things I always have with me. No matter how short the flight, I always pack my neck pillow because I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere! This one is memory foam and it is just the best. I also always pack an extra pair of warm fuzzy socks so that once I get in my seat, I slip off my shoes and get those socks on and I am set! 

Speaking of, I am about to take off! If you can imagine, I am in my fuzzy socks with my neck pillow and am cozy and comfy.. I'll spare you the visual, but I'm sure you can picture it! ;) Until next time-- I'm going up, up and away! 

xo, B