Equestrian Accessories


Am I the only one who absolutely loves leather accessories? Whether I’m at the barn teaching and riding or out and about, I can’t help but add an elegant leather accessory to my outfit. I love that they match with almost everything and add an equestrian chic touch to any wardrobe.

Surpiqure the real 2.jpg

This leather bracelet by Surpiqure is the perfect addition to any outfit! The combination of metal and leather make this piece absolutely gorgeous. I’m wearing the bracelet in the color “camel”, but it’s available in three other colors that are just as beautiful. I definitely had a hard time choosing a color, but I had to go with the classic look of the “camel”.

Surpiqure 3.jpg

I’ve worn this bracelet SO much since I got it! It wasn’t stiff and didn’t need to be broken in like many other leather accessories. You can check out their other pieces on their website. Their products are a great gift for equestrians and non-equestrian loved ones. I know I have a few others from the Surpiqure collection on my wishlist this year!

xo MES

Surpiqure 2.jpg

Equestrian Riding Leggings


With the increase popularity of equestrian athleisure, I have a confession to make. I used to totally turn my nose up to riding leggings. I didn’t think they were for serious riders. I didn’t think they were good enough for the amount of riding I did. I was so wrong!


Once I tried riding leggings or tights, I could hardly take them off! Now, I do almost all of my home riding in these babies! Bare Equestrian is one of my favorite brands!

(Go check out my IGTV Video HERE)


I love these grey riding leggings because they have a full seat of silicone, which makes for a nice, grippy seat. There are also cell phone pockets, a wide high-waisted waistline and adorable color block accents.


My look was made complete with this crazy-comfy full zip riding top and baseball hat, also by Bare Equestrian. BE has several other cute designs of leggings and tops; I included their link here for you to check out!

Bare is also offering FREE SHIPPING for MES readers!! Use code Bethany4Bare at check out!! (Valid for all countries, offer ends November 30)

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Basic Bomber

This time of year is PERFECT for a bomber jacket. This one by Huntsmen and Hounds is just as cozy as it is chic and functional. I have the same one in a burnt red, but this gray goes with everything. 


Random tangent, don’t you just love tree-lined drives? This is the lane leading up to my barn and the trees are just sprouting leaves and it always brings a smile to my face. I love spring. 


I put this bomber with a simple striped tee and some of my favorite breeches from Tried Equestrian. 


To top it off, I added some shine with my VQ Jewelry necklace and earrings. They are so gorgeous and well made. And I kill my jewelry... I wear it to the dirty barn, shows in it, sleep in it, etc. so for it to sparkle regardless is saying something! And this 18 karat gold jewelry line has a lifetime guarantee. 


This Huntsmen and Hounds bomber has the perfect cut. I love the length of the jacket and how it is fitted without being super constricting. I am wearing a size small because I usually like to machine wash and dry my jackets! 


The pockets are very usable. My phone actually fits along with some chapstick and cash or my riding gloves.


This jacket will always be a favorite of mine. It looks great with black, denim or white jeans, riding pants, you name it! You can easily pull it off street style while still having the equestrian essense! Go get you a Huntsmen and Hounds bomber jacket!

xo, B

The Tailored Sportsman Edit

KAVAL x My Equestrian Style Series 1:

How To Match Any TS Top and Pair of Breeches Together

The Tailored Sportsman is clearly a beloved brand among the Hunter and Equitation riders of today, and who can blame them? TS tops are buttery soft and breathable. The breeches come in every color under the sun with the iconic vintage knee patches. The Tailored Sportsman has been the riding habit staple for decades! While this is the case, I often receive requests on how to pair a certain Tailored Sportsman item with another, and I'm here to tell you you can throw the misconceptions of conventional matching out the window! KAVAL carries the most relevant and up to date colors that you can virtually pair any TS top with a pair of breeches KAVAL has. Or are you on a budget? I'll show you the best Kaval TS colors to go with everything in your current wardrobe. But don't take my word for it; keep reading and I'll prove it! 

In the equestrian industry today, I believe we have gotten a bit too conservative with our matching habits. For instance, you may own a pair of gray breeches and whenever you wear them, only two potential tops come to mind as potential "matches." Well I'm here to tell you that with KAVAL's Tailored Sportsman color selection, your pair nearly every color combination together. Still not convinced? Let me start by showing you the KAVAL x TS colors that- I promise- will go with everything you already own.

wearing KAVAL's TS  white top  and TS  bluesy breeches

wearing KAVAL's TS white top and TS bluesy breeches

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 6.32.14 AM.png

Let's start by the obvious: The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Tan Breeches

In the Hunter/Equitation world, these tan breeches are an absolute must in your riding wardrobe. KAVAL carries the classic tan TS Trophy Hunter in a front zip low rise (pictured here) as well as a side zip mid rise. The zip and rise is completely based on your comfort and style preference, but as of right now, the front zip low rise is most popular. This pair is equally great for at-home hacks and entering the show ring, which makes it an obvious first purchase if you have a specific budget. Another great thing about this tan? It goes with every single TS top KAVAL offers. Go ahead- go on their Tailored Sportsman selection and I dare you to find a TS top these breeches won't match beautifully with! 

I had a hard time picking a #1 go-to TS top color, so I you can choose from my 3 favorite:

If you are able to buy three TS tops, these are the three to start with. If only two, I'd go with this TS white top and either navy or black depending on which you color you enjoy wearing more often. My absolute favorite color? May sound boring, but it would have to be white if I could only purchase one! It goes with everything; keeps every look crisp and classic; and surprising machine washes very bright and clean no matter what messy situation I get myself in at the barn. These three colors shown above go with black, navy, gray, hunter green and the brighter colored breeches KAVAL carries. You truly cannot go wrong!


Feeling a bit more empowered and ambitious? Let's talk colors!! KAVAL offers some of the most fashion-forward colors TS offers. I have the free KAVAL x TS color guide available below, but here are a few favorites. I usually like to start with my breeches color when putting an outfit together:

These two pairs of colored breeches are some of my go-to's as far as breeches are concerned. I don't typically wear flashy breeches colors, but when I'm looking to add a little color to my look, these are two pairs that I always gravitate towards because they are so versatile. I've worn the gorgeous green-gray Rosemary color with white, black, navy, blue, tan/camel, mint/aqua, maroon/burgundy, brown and ivory tops and belts. I've styled the muted blue Bluesy breeches with all of those Rosemary color pairings plus some reds, orange, yellow, other shades of blue and purple. If you are pairing TS colored breeches with a TS colored top, I usually go with a basic leather belt in black or brown.


Do you own a few TS colors that are tricky to match?

Click HERE to sign up for my totally free KAVAL x TS Matching Guide! 


Stay tuned for Series 2 of KAVAL x My Equestrian Style coming soon! Until then-

xo, Bethany

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In this post: Styled images by My Equestrian Style, Stock images by KAVAL Inc. 

Zyia in the Saddle


Zyia Active is a fantastic brand that I’ve previously raved about, but it isn’t just for the gym!  


I love this Zyia active top because it fits like a glove while still being super breathable. This gray color also goes with everything! I love it with my RJ Classics green breeches and gray Shop ECE woven belt. Classic. Functional. Super cute. 


My order came with my favorite kind of hair ties with the Zyia logo. Even with my massively thick hair, I love using this hair tie and throwing my hair up in a top knot or braid after it’s been in my helmet.  


And who can resist thumbholes?! This top is great for hot weather but also amazing as a layering piece. I wear this under a crew neck sweater and a vest and it’s ideal for sub 40 temps. 


Zyia supports every kind of active lifestyle and is one of my few exceptions for non-equestrian brands for riding. You should go check out all of their styles!

xo, B

Target Red


Something about the Target balls in the front of the store always make me happy. Maybe that is because I go into the store and buy everything in sight? Regardless, they matched my red Valentine's insipired look!


I received this wonderful practice top by Red Scarf Equestrian that is a brilliant white with red mesh and zipper details. I love how classic the color combination is. It looks great with navy and is awesome with black; today I wore this top with grey. I love it! The material is super soft and breathable. 


I paired this top with a fantastic Lotus Romeo jacket I got from Tack N Rider. The lines on this thing are insane! I love collar and boldness of the color block. Just a brilliant piece!  


I threw on a pair of TS breeches and finished the #ROOTD with a C&C Signature leather belt that is such a staple and a go-to in my ever-growing belt collection. 


This look was so fun and while it is great for Valentine's week, each of these pieces are excellent for year round. Click the links in this post to shop and treat yourself this week!!


xo, B


Callidae never ceases to amaze me, and this winter line was no exception. 


Callidae's breeches in Stone are such a classic. I love this muted grey/tan look because they work in any show ring and they go with any color. The fit is fantastic, too. Sitting perfectly in the middle of low rise and mid rise, Callidae breeches are always super flattering.


I am also obsessed with the Callidae Practice Shirt in white. It is a great style! I am such a big fan of Callidae's Practice Shirts because of the innovative design of combining both the classic nature and athletic components of the sport. These shirts are so breathable and genuinely look like you're wearing two shirts, when in reality it is a faux collar attached to a stretchy tech fabric long sleeve shirt. I want to collect all of the colors and patterns of the Practice Shirt!


To top it all off, I have this amazing Callidae V Neck Sweater in Bloodstone, which is a lovely deep burgundy/merlot color.  This cotton cashmere sweater seems too luxurious to wear to the barn, but it just as soft as it is durable. I feel so confident and classy when I am in my Callidae V Necks! They look good over any practice shirt or on their own! 


Callidae's products are absolutely worth the price tag. I highly recommend the breeches, Practice Shirts and V Neck Sweaters.

xo, B  

A Little Bling

A little bling never hurt nobody, right? I am a firm believer of less is more, but every once in awhile I am cool with a little sparkle.


Paragon Equestrian designed this subtle but glam 1/4 zip top and I think it is super cute! I love the mix of athletic and feminine, not to mention how this top goes with everything! 


This Paragon Equestrian Luxe Technical Base Layer has a four way stretch with mesh inserts and thumb holes. The crystals along the front zipper add a fun and girly element as well! The logos are apparent but subtle- I love the placement on the back. 


As I said before, this top could go with just about everything. For this look, I paired it with a pair of light tan breeches, black loafers and a black blingy belt by Ellany Equestrian. I think this #ROOTD is simple yet makes a big statement! This baselayer is also perfect for an off duty ensemble; it's great with leggings or a pair of jeans. 


Paragon Equestrian just came out with some new styles in their Valentine's Day Edit, and I have one more PE look up my sleeve so stay tuned for that!

xo, B

I Got You Bay


With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it is fully acceptable to bring out all the pink! I love my light pink Tailored Sportsman shirt with the cranberry zipper but I've been trying to find more ways style it! 


When I got this "I Got You Bay" crew neck hoodie from Eqwine, I knew it would be the perfect vday outfit addition! 


This sweatshirt is so incredibly soft. I wear it around the house and over a practice shirt like this for at the barn! I even wore it to the show during the week. It's so cute and matches just about everything!


To top it all off I paired this look with an adorable d ring belt by Ellany Equestrian! The pinks matched perfectly and it was just the right amount of pattern for my #ROOTD.  

xo,  B


Riding with Purpose


I figured out I probably ride roughly 30 times per week and I used to ride upwards of 60 times.


From a riding perspective, this amount of time in the saddle keeps me strong, but it also makes it pretty easy for me to develop habits quickly. This is why every ride must be executed with a plan in place. I usually go through similar routines and procedures to keep my rides consistent and covering all the bases. For example, if I am staying extra disciplined, I will do all of my lateral work at the walk, trot and even canter on all of my horses. This helps me easily check off my mental checklist so that when I hop off every horse, I know I helped that horse become more responsive, straight and supple for his/her owner.


From a fashion perspective, all of those rides mean I must be very intentional about what I wear. I remember when I was younger I could get away with two or three pairs of breeches and I could even go two days without washing a pair. Now, nearly everything I wear to the barn comes back unrecognizably dirty and well worn. I can wear through a pair of breeches very quickly, so it's important to have cute riding attire that is also mega durable.  


A brand that absolutely stands out for me is Sakkara. If you know me at all, you already know I rave about this Egyptian designed, Italian made, American based equestrian line. The breeches feel like a second skin. This Pura Top is breathable and buttery soft. The belt is just my favorite belt ever- I've said this once and I'll say it again- if I designed my ideal belt it would be this M Belt. The fabrics are somehow durable, luxurious and athletic all in one. 


I think Sakkara has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to high equestrian fashion and overall functionality. This look is definitely a go-to and I think you should give it a try, too! Click here to visit their website and stay tuned for a FABULOUS giveaway coming up in a few weeks!!


xo, B


Huntsmen Bomber


Solid bomber jackets are hard to come by. Huntsmen and Hounds has this fantastic piece that is functional like a jacket but soft like a sweater! This bomber comes in the gorgeous mulberry color I have but also a really nice blue you can see on their website.


One of my favorite features of this item is the awesome leather pull on the zipper! I got a size small which makes this jacket true to size. I wanted it pretty fitted so I could still ride in it. 


Here I have it styled with a Lotus Romeo show shirt (that I got from Tack N Rider - Wellington) which I love as a pre-show look to wear in the mornings while it is still chilly. It's ideal for the cooler temps when a small sweater or pullover just won't do. I also wear it at home under practice shirts for added warmth. 


This is also the easiest piece to transition to your daily wardrobe. It is very versatile and definitely a jacket I gravitate toward when putting a look together! Check out their items online here.

xo, B

Essential Rain Jacket

This is my first Florida summer and every time I tell Floridians that, they groan and warn me of my upcoming misery. So far, it's been fine, but what is most annoying are the daily downpours! Now I know why people in Florida really value a covered arena. I have to keep reminding myself, "Bethany, you're not in Southern California anymore." 


Thankfully, I have a fashion solution and it starts and ends with Pikeur. I love this rain jacket so much. It is versatile, matches everything, and has so many zippers and pockets. I keep this jacket in my car at all times because it is my go to during my rainy rides. 


Did I mention it has a great hood? I hate it when jackets have hoods that look so odd when they are up, but this one is perfect. I love that it has tightening fasteners for when it is really pouring. So again, thank you Pikeur for a fabulous rain jacket, it will always be a staple in my  equestrian wardrobe. 

xo, B



Summer Brights


For the most part, I'm a neutral girl. I love all things black and all things white. Occasionally I'll get a little crazy with gray, navy, brown, pale pink, and shades of blue. A lot of that stems from my pale skin and red hair buuuut now that it is summer, I am just a tinge tanner and feel like I can step out of my comfort zone. Now, I'm not saying I am about to wear bright orange or yellow (I promise you it's not a good combo) but this aqua color is so dreamy! I LOVE long sleeve crew neck tops. I sometimes wear them to ride, but I especially love layering them over show tops in the warm up ring to keep my show shirt clean.


This KLM long sleeve tee is so soft and I love the design. Take a look and snag one for yourself by shopping here! I had also just bought these new french blue breeches from Dover and I couldn't help but pair this amazing KLM show belt because it just tied the look together perfectly! The paisley pattern is so preppy and fun. KLM does it again!

xo, B 


Gray Day


Growing up, I used to be the girl who took every opportunity to lay out or find some way to get a tan. Believe it or not, my ginger hair still allows my skin to tan, but it takes a long time and a lot of dedication!

However, when I rode full time for my boss, Nick in Los Angeles, he made me think differently about the sun. When he was a young professional, he used to ride 10 horses a day without a shirt on and- get this- rubbed baby oil all over the upper half of his body! Yikes!! Needless to say, and very unfortunately, he has dealt with several bouts of skin cancer. When I started training under him, he would always get after me about covering up and protecting my skin and that, "I wouldn't look young forever." (Yeah right, I should have done a poll with you guys when I started My Equestrian Style. I bet the majority of you thought I was 17! Yeah, yeah, I know when I am 40 I will be thankful for looking young; I'll save this for another blog post!) Anyway, he suggested I wore long sleeve sun shirts and helmet visors and use sunscreen. It took me a little to get adjusted to riding in long sleeves in the California desert, but I adjusted and was thankful for the skin protection and the lack of a farmer's tan! Pretty soon, I was the stingiest one out there! Today, I will not ride without a long sleeve sun shirt, my helmet visor, and at least SPF 50 on my neck and cheeks (the only part that is kind of exposed to the sun!) 


All that being said, I am always looking for quality sun shirts, and I LOVE this KLM long sleeve top. It is super breathable and I love this marled gray style. I paired it with this KLM black and white patterned belt, black breeches, and a sun hat. I had ridden all morning and threw the hat on to teach afternoon lessons. It was perfect. 


This top has definitely become a staple in my riding wardrobe! And honestly, I've also worn it to the gym or on a hike because it's a great layering piece as well. You can shop this top and others, including several belt designs here!

xo, B


The Best Vest

Yes it is May. Yes I live in Florida. But it still is a bit chilly in the AM! Especially when you're at a show and you are up long before the sun rises. I think vests are so great for the barn because they are super easy to take off, you have more pockets to store things in, and you still have freedom of movement with your arms for riding.

I can't tell you how many compliments I get on this vest. It's totally a game changer and it shows because it is almost always out of stock. I managed to get this one while I was working for JCrew so I got inside hook up! But... JCrew Factory has them on sale right now for under $50!! I just love the pattern because it goes with everything. It looks super classy paired with all black, but I've totally worn it with jeans, tan, bright colors, etc. The gold accents give it that high-quality, equestrian look I love. I ended up getting mine in an XS because that is all they had left. I was a little nervous because I am usually a Small or even a Medium for outerwear, but the XS is the perfect fit. So I would say if you have a choice, don't be afraid to size down. 

All in all, I was so happy with this purchase and I think it is one of those classic pieces that will always be in the forefront of my wardrobe. 

Shop My Look by Clicking the Links Below!

Vest         |            Sweater          |           Breeches         |          Tall Boots     

Not able to find the vest in your size?

Don't sweat it! Here are some similar styles I picked out for you:

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Props to Peplum

I don't know what it is about peplum tops that I like most: that they are perfect layering piece... or that they are super flattering no matter what you ate for lunch! 


I've been going through a phase of keeping my tops untucked from my breeches. I like to mix it up! This layering combination is great to have in your arsenal. I used to see riding outfits as three different possible combinations: 

1. low rise breeches with a regular length top (tucked in or untucked)

2. high waisted breeches with a cropped top

3. high waisted breeches with a regular length (tucked in)

But now, I give you:

4. low rise breeches with a peplum top and cropped top/sweater

Now of course there are sweaters, jackets and vests to add to the mix, but I think these are the four base outfit combinations! I love that I can wear all of the random cropped sweaters that I didn't really know how to wear in a riding outfit before. I also can really appreciate that this peplum top is made out of a clima-cool material, so when the weather gets too toasty, you just peel off your cropped sweater! I would love to find a peplum top that has two lower layers: one top layer that ruffles and one under layer that lays flat and can be tucked into breeches; that way, when you are trotting, cantering or jumping, you're not flashing your back or belly all day long. So if anyone knows of any peplum top like that out there, help a sister out!!

When it is all said and done, I think this low rise breech/peplum top/cropped sweater is super fashion forward while still being functional. Click the links below to shop a similar look!


Cropped Sweater     |     Peplum Top    |    Breeches    |    Tall Boots