When You Accidentally Match Your Dog

Has anyone ever told you you look like your pet? I always thought that was stupid to think, but now that I am a dog mom, I can see the resemblance... well, Fifa and I have the same hair color at least! And without realizing it, I matched my outfit with her leash and collar the other day! Since I first started wearing SheIn’s products, I’ve always loved them. They’re made of quality materials and are super cute, so when I saw this outfit, I knew I had to have it. It wasn’t until it was delivered that I realized it matched Fifa’s collar and leash from Urbana!

I absolutely adore this jacket! It’s warm enough to wear on those chilly Florida days (yes, even in Southern Florida it gets cold!), without being too bulky or uncomfortable. The material is super soft and feels more like a cozy blanket than a coat.

These jeans are also from SheIn and they are my new favorite pair! The distressing on them is super cute and the ankle length is very chic. I love the fit of them and they’re super comfortable!


Fifa’s collar and matching leash are both from Urbana and I couldn’t be happier with them. Fifa is a super active dog, but the quality materials of these products have held up great. Urbana has products for all shapes and sizes of dogs. You can check them out on their Instagram here!

xo, MES


Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is all of the Holiday treats involved! I love making Christmas cookies- my Grandma always made her famous "Santa Cookies" which were a perfect sugar cookie cut out like santa with raisin eyes, rosy cheeks made out of red hard candy and a frosted beard topped with coconut. I really need to do a post about those cookies because they are insanely good and my description doesn't do them any justice! 


Well if this isn't the cutest plate of Christmas cookies, I don't know what is! The craziest thing about this mouthwatering shot? THESE ARE HORSE TREATS. Equine Confections is one fabulous company. They make some incredible horse treats in their signature donut and pop tart shapes! But things got next level when I literally send them Pinterest inspiration of cute (human) Christmas cookies and they sent me THESE. I was shocked with how beautiful each cookie was. They looked just like my inspo are made out of healthy ingredients in great horse-friendly flavors.


I had too much excitement about these cookies, I had to bring them to the barn and let my students, Isha and Raina, feed some to their adorable ponies! I know there are millions of horse treat companies out there, but Equine Confections is a fabulous company with amazing customer service and staff that go above and beyond to create the horse treats of your dreams (or your horse's, really!) At a wonderful price point, these treats would make fabulous barn Christmas gifts! Go look at page 3 in my Holiday Lookbook for $1 off and a FREE Christmas treat!

xo, B

Thank you to my adorable models (Left to Right) Raina, Fetch, Isha and Parker (pictured above)

Thank you to my adorable models (Left to Right) Raina, Fetch, Isha and Parker (pictured above)

For those of you who are tempted to try these cookies for yourself.. they look so good!

For those of you who are tempted to try these cookies for yourself.. they look so good!

Paper Pony


I now have stationary for the rest of my life. The cutest paper company- Paper Pony Co.- is based out of Oakland, California and is really one of a kind. While they do have more than pony themed items, I love their equestrian collection. They have wrapping paper, gift tags, stationary, to do lists, and prints.


PPC was kind enough to send some goodies my way! The "Thanks for Listening" card is amazing because it works for any occasion (it is blank in the inside.) I got it for my dad for Father's Day last weekend! The to do list I use almost daily. It's a perfect size and I love the styling of the check boxes and lines. Finally the "Ride" print was absolutely adorable. I think it will be perfect in my office- if I can convince my little nephew that it isn't for him!! Every time he is over and sees it he holds it and says, "hee hee?!" It's so cute, it may have to get framed and put in his bedroom.


If you are ever in need of some exceptional quality and creative stationary, you got to check Paper Pony Co. out!

xo, B