Customize Your Equestrian Style

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Whether it’s for riding or everyday wear, I love beautiful custom pieces, but they can be so pricey. Thankfully I found Silver Oaks Farm’s products! For custom products, they’re very inexpensive, but are still super high quality and absolutely gorgeous.

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Silver Oaks Farm makes custom, button up chambray shirts that are perfect to wear at the barn, or just out and about. When you’re designing your shirt you can choose a completely customized saying under 14 characters and also select thread color. I had a hard time choosing what to put on mine, but of course I had to go with, “Equestrian Style” in black thread… keeping it classy, you know?! This top is super comfy, so I’ve worn it a ton, but the embroidery has held up very well, even through long days at the barn. One of my favorite things about these tops are how flattering they are on any body type.

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To design your own top and get inspo from what others have done with theirs, you can check out Silver Oaks Farm on etsy or instagram! Happy Customizing!


We are GIVING AWAY one free custom top to one of you lovely people!

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Look for Less

As much as I love the look of high end clothing, my wallet does not always like their prices. Recently I’ve been trying to find cheaper look-alikes for my favorite pieces.

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I found this knock off Gucci belt on Amazon and I love the look and quality of it! This belt will definitely hold up well whether you wear it riding or around the show grounds for the weekend, even though it’s under $25. Click here to add it to your wardrobe!

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My top is a silk scarf by Red Scarf Equestrian. All of their products are so cute, but if you’re looking for a look-alike, SheIn has a less expensive option here. Hermes also has many high quality options, but this is one of my favorites. If you own a square scarf, it’s super easy to fold it diagonally and tie it around your bust for a cute tube top shirt!

Gucci post 3.jpg

My sweater, shoes, and jeans are all from SheIn. I haven’t found a product of theirs that I don’t like! Everything they have is priced very reasonably, but is still super adorable.

I wore this entire outfit at WEF last weekend and I got so many compliments! Each of the pieces look amazing whether your at a horse show or at a non-horsey event. I also love the belt to wear with breeches! Either way, so Equestrian chic.

xo, MES


ps- is you loved this post, let me know! I am happy to keep posting dupes for you on a consistent basis ❤️ 

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Healthy Hair


Equestrians and non-equestrians alike are always looking for the best ways to get those luscious locks! My hair goes through a lot in a day. From being trapped in a helmet for hours to being in the sun while I teach, at the end of the day, my hair needs a little love. So, I’ve gathered the best tips and products that I love for getting that gorgeous hair.

Tip 1: We all know that as an equestrian, not washing your hair everyday is almost impossible. To make sure that you don’t damage your hair when it’s wet, use a wide toothed comb, and run it very gently through your hair.

Tip 2: Try to avoid using heat on your hair as often as possible. Some days, that’s just not possible, so a heat protectant can be helpful. If you’re looking to curl your hair, try this article that includes 7 ways to curl your hair without using heat!


Tip 3: Find a product or two that you absolutely love and pamper yourself! I try to take some time once in a while to give my hair a little extra love. Currently I’m using products by Monat and I couldn’t be happier with them. My hair has never been healthier! My favorite products are the smoothing shampoo and smoothing deep conditioner. I love these products because Becca genuinely wants her brand to help people, whether it’s improving the quality of their hair or changing their life so they can start living again. She even created a hair quiz to help you decide what Monat products will be best for your hair. Contact her here to get started. Becca is also pro Vegan and has a FREE Vegan starter guide!

Tip 4: Choose satin pillow covers! It sounds so simple that you may think it won’t work, but using a satin pillowcase can reduce hair breakage due to friction.

Tip 5: Use a clarifying shampoo once a month. Especially as equestrians, our hair gathers way more dirt and oils than we might want to think about, and normal shampoos may not remove all of it. Using a clarifying shampoo as little as once a month can refresh your hair and improve its overall health.

These tips have completely changed how I take care of my hair and I can totally see the difference! My hair grows faster, has more shine, and is much easier to tame. If you give your hair a little bit of love, it will definitely thank you.

xo, MES


I designed a tshirt with TKEQ!

It’s finally here! We could not wait to share our newest collaboration piece with you! We all know TKEQ is a powerhouse when it comes to equestrian slogan tees, so I decided to work with them to create this t-shirt, and I have to say, it’s pretty adorable.

Hack Winner


TKEQ has some amazing slogans so I knew I had big shoes to fill when it came to creating my slogan, but since moving to Florida and being reimmersed in the hunter world, the term “hack winner” kept popping up.

“Your horse is totally the hack winner.”

“Her horse is so fancy, he’s totally the hack winner.”

“I may have gone off course, but at least I have the hack winner…”

If you’re in hunter land too, chances are you have heard it once or twice… a day. I thought about it, and we think it is spot on for an equestrian slogan tee! Top it off with cute embroidered pink letters and heathered grey fitted tee, and you have yourself a top for any occasion!


This shirt has been so versatile! It looks great at the barn, with a skirt, peeking under a pair of overalls. I also really like it under a bomber jacket! It is a fitted tee (I am wearing a medium) so if you are on the fence I would size up.

For about thirty bucks, you totally need to add this embroidered tee to your wardrobe. At the very least, make sure it is on your Christmas list. The Hack Winner tee is now live on TKEQ website, and I included the link here. Please reach out if you have any questions about sizing…Happy Shopping!

xo, B


My Favorite Wooden Watch

My Favorite Wooden Watch

... that goes with everything!

Wrist watches, like equestrian style, are absolutely timeless! With the popularity of smart watches in full swing, there is something to be said for a classic watch. It allows its wearer to remain connected while not being distracted by the same things we stick our noses into our phones and computers for. Wooden watches have become more in style recently and I have just gotten my hands on my very first one! This wood watch by JORD has been the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.


Whether I am wearing riding clothes or a dress, I find myself accessorizing with the Zebrawood and Maple watch from JORD's Fieldcrest series. The watch is delivered to your door in a beautiful wooden box that smells like fresh cut lumber. You open the box (which could totally double as a jewelry box, by the way) to find your watch, cleaning cloth, display pillow, and extra wrist links. You really get the full experience with the JORD packaging.


At first, I thought this Fieldcrest watch was the ideal summer timepiece as it looked great with white and tan, and was a great neutral for some fun summer colors! Now that we are entering a new season, I am finding that it is matching all of my fall pieces even more. It also looks great stacked with bracelets or paired alone with a cozy sweater. I am dying for the weather to get cooler and style my JORD wood watch with a cable knit sweater.


I usually have such a hard time with watches because they are either too casual (like sports watches) or too flashy, but this entire line of watches is the perfect balance. Due to the neutral color scheme, JORD watches go with virtually any color. I have worn mine out at the barn, shopping with friends and on vacation and it lent itself so nicely! It is absolutely something I recommend investing in.


JORD and I are teaming up for an exclusive giveaway for MES followers! Head over to my Instagram for details on how to enter for $100 giftcard to JORD (and hey, if you don't win- don't sweat! I have a promo code for you too...stay tuned!)

xo B


3 Tips to Wearing Riding Clothes Everyday


For some of the cuter pieces in my riding wardrobe, it almost seems like a waste to only wear around the barn! There are plenty of ways to style riding tops and breeches into everyday outfits, which is especially helpful if you are super busy like me and have to run from errands to stable or vice versa! FreexRein is one of my absolute favorite brands to wear out and about because of how versatile their pieces are. Their bodysuits are insanely comfortable and look equally great in or out of the saddle.


I like to start by picking out the riding piece I want to style. For this example, I'll use the FreexRein short sleeve moto bodysuit in this chic black and white stipe. It is made of a super comfortable jersey material with mesh under the arms and it is easy to pair! I usually identify the riding piece I want to style and build from there! If it's a top, I'll see what cute bottoms I have that match, then choose my accessories. If it's bottoms, vice versa. Depending on what type of cut the top is, I will pick bottoms with a good waistline. For this bodysuit, I LOVE the look of a higher waisted pair of pants or skirt. A note for styling breeches into everyday outfits: If you are wearing shoes that do not cover your ankles like flats, sandals, or sneakers, I try to wear breeches that have elastic ankle bottoms instead of Velcro. FreexRein makes an incredible pair of breeches that have the most subtle ankle elastic ever, making it ideal to keep uncovered. This just really helps the breeches look more like a normal pant! If you are trying to style Velcro closing breeches, try to wear shoes like ankle boots or knee high boots that will cover the Velcro. Boots of all heights are perfect for fall anyways!


The next thing I try to keep in mind is to keep it simple! Neutrals are your best friends. Colors like black, white, browns and beiges make matching and accessorizing that much easier! With the striped moto bodysuit, I have this cute white skirt I felt matched perfectly. If you like a more feminine look, skirts are an easy way to class things up and make it seem like you put more effort into your outfit than you did. 


Once your outfit is established, the final touch is finding accessories. Equestrian inspired accessories are an easy and subtle way to show your love of all thing horses while out and about. I love my Lustiano Gray flats from Katharine Page! The color matches everything, including my outfit with the striped bodysuit, and they are simple yet elegant. Lately I've been seeing loafers everywhere that have bits on them which are nice classic shoe. In addition to shoes, I also love equestrian inspired jewelry, purses, and scarves! Scarves are a cute accessory that can be worn multiple ways and go with multiple outfits! You can wear them in your hair, around your neck, or as a belt. Equestrian accessories are easier than ever to find because there are now so many new brands and small business popping up that cater to the equestrian niche.


Now that I've shared my tips for styling riding clothes into your everyday outfits, I hope you will get good use out of your favorite riding pieces! Remember: build from your riding piece, keep it simple, and then accessorize! Next week I am styling the baby pink moto bodysuit by FreexRein, so stay tuned for that!! 

xo MES

Easy Summer Outfit with Equestrian Style

Whether you’re headed back to school or you live in a warm climate like me, this look is SO for you. Heck, if you are already starting to feel the fall temps where you live, this look is still for you- just throw a cardigan on!


This is one of the outfits I styled for the shoot and haven’t been able to take off since! This SheIn top is just perfect for a couple reasons. For one, the style and cut truly marries cool girl and girly girl (which I like to think I am every so often!) I like the subtle crop of this top because it allows you to be versatile with how you wear it. These Levi 311 jeans are only slightly higher waisted for a little sliver of skin. But if you were to wear a proper pair of high-waisted jeans or a cute higher-waisted skirt, you really see much skin at all. I’ve also paired this with an denim overall dress and it is absolutely adorable. 


The second reason this top is perfect? 



A silk top this cute, this with much detail for $16? All my crop top dreams came true. 


This top was true to size (I’m wearing a small) but the shoulders do run a bit big. So if you are on the fence between sizes, I would size down because the waist is elastic in back anyway. 


I had a lot of fun completing this summer look to make it have that little punch of equestrian style. These are the type of accessories you want in your closet to add your equestrian touch to whatever you wear. 


This Pravins Sellier saddle bag is just gorgeous. This bag comes in many color combinations, but I loved the tan and suede combo because it looks amazing with my Katharine Page equestrian inspired ballet flats. 


I had so much fun with this look. I wore it out to dinner and walking around in Lexington, Kentucky last week. Have any of you been to the downtown area of Lexington? I was obsessed with all of the skywalks and adorable old buildings! 


Make sure you click the links throughout this post if you’d like to shop my outfit, but here is the link to the top again :)



Until next time! 

xo, B

Polo Dress

Who is as obsessed with this shirt dress as I am?!? Guys, this is seriously the equestrian-inspired dress of my dreams!  

   And I have  Rönner Design  to thank for that! I have been admiring Rönner for some time now, even before My Equestrian Style came to be!


And I have Rönner Design to thank for that! I have been admiring Rönner for some time now, even before My Equestrian Style came to be!


The green pattern is clearly equestrian (which I love) without being too cliché or cheesy. The first time I saw it, I was like, “I need to go to a polo match ASAP!” But has been the PERCECT addition to my closet whenever I need a little nicer look.


I paired this dress with some amazing accessories. I live in this necklace by VQ Jewelry. I love how the necklace continues from the horseshoe to a cute stirrup at the bottom. I’ve mentioned VQ before, but everything is dainty, equestrian and most importantly 18k solid gold!  


These bit earrings matched perfectly with this dress, but I also wear them for everyday... also VQ! 


I also love the tied waistband on the shirt dress. Sometimes shirt dresses can be a little shapless and frumpy, but this one is so flattering. It also comes with a detachable tank top slip that perfectly goes with this dress. Or I plan to wear it without the slip as a swimsuit coverup!


I can’t wait to wear this all spring and summer long. Check out Rönner D esign’s website HERE to see for yourself!

xo, B

Everyday Hunt Club

My kinda equestrian apparel is when you can wear in every aspect of your life. For me, the barn is where I spend the majority of my day; however, I am also hanging out at home with my husband and dog, running errands, working on our new house, going to the gym and the list goes on. 


Shop Hunt Club's Performance 1/4 Zip can do all that for me! The thickness of the fabric is key... It is thick enough to be a substantial piece all on its own, but thin enough to tuck in or use under a sweater or jacket.

You may have seen me sport this performance pullover in black (because I wear it all the time!) but I just love this gray version. It is that blue gray that looks great with black leggings, perfect for tan breeches and you can even rock it with a pair of jeans!
The material is just lovely: soft, smooth and breathable. The thumb holes are ideal and the hemline makes it easy to tuck in but so adorable to leave out over some leggings.  
One of the things that always draws me to Shop Hunt Club is their logo. It is so cute and on trend while still looking clean and not distracting. 
I am sporting my Opal Equestrian black base layer leggings with this top, along with my everyday Details Horse Hair Jewelry key chain and handmade Anney Life Designs leather key chain. 

I’m just a huge fan of this pullover, in black but also in this amazing gray. Great for riding, great for lifestyle to maintain that equestrian-sporty flair! Head over to Shop Hunt Club to see all they have to offer.

xo, B

TPH March Issue

My March fashion article in the Plaid Horse Magazine was all about rocking the equestrian "off duty" look. With the help from Street and Saddle, it was fairly effortless! 

Read the full article online in the link below and my article starts on page 46:

The Plaid Horse Magazine - March 2018 Issue


This TPH issue really focused in on the steps to totally rock your riding clothes out and about in everyday life. Many of you have asked me how to wear different types of riding or show clothes to school or work, so here is the best way I know how! I go through five steps in the article (link above)!


This Street and Saddle top is one of my favorites to wear outside of the barn! It still has all of the features of an excellent show shirt- magnetic neck closure and white where it counts. I love the added color block element to this top which makes it fun to show off! This show shirt is such a nice break from the basic solid white show shirt. It looks great with white or tan breeches at the show, but I also love it with a pencil skirt, tailored pants, or even black jeans like I styled it with here. These jeans make the look a little more casual, but the polished look continues with the high heel ankle boots. I also wore this look with a color block blazer that would be great for the work scene or out to dinner on a chillier evening. This really makes the look polished and business like. If I were wearing this to an office, I'd wear nicer pants, but otherwise the rest is perfect! These jeans dress this ensemble down, so with the clean cut top and jacket, it makes for the perfect combination! 


So go click the link above to read my steps to wearing your own riding clothes out in the real world... I know you can do it!

xo, B




Take Life by the Reins


Something about Free Rein’s breeches make it so easy to wear outside of the barn. I think it is the ankle closure that mimics a clean hem of a pair of trousers or leggings versus a pair of breeches that have a Velcro closure or elastic. This tan color is also perfect because it is neutral without looking so nude (you know I’m talking about- the girl wearing tan leggings and it looks like she isn’t wearing any bottoms?!) Lastly the patches are just stunning. I love this pop of rich golden tan. 


Free Rein makes it so easy to wear these breeches out and about- I had to give it a go myself! I all in love with combining tan with black and white, so this off the shoulder striped top was a no-brainer. It or one of those tops I try to match everything with... and I think these breeches were no exception! 


I thought a subtle skinny black belt would balance the top and breeches nicely. For an added texture element, I decided to go with a jean jacket. This definitely made the ensemble more casual, but I could have easily added a statement necklace and black sweater to dress it up. 


I finished my casual look with a pair of preppy wedges that conveniently had tan and black in them. I would wear this outfit out to lunch, shopping with a friend or to a equestrian-type event! So I dare you to take life by the reins and wear your (Free Rein) breeches (see what I did there?!) out and about!  Want more tips on branching out with wearing your breeches with your everyday attire? My Plaid Horse Magazine article on just that is coming up soon! 

xo, B


Hunter Spectacular


Tonight is the Hunter Spectacular at WEF. It is the perfect opportunity to rock the stable to street look, so who better to wear than Street and Saddle? 


I love these Street and Saddle pants. They are so flattering, have great pockets and are very feminine in the details. I love the vertical stitching in front and high waistline. My favorite element is the tie. I've worn it in the front as well as in the back! These pants look great with some ankle boots, but tonight I'm wearing them with some equestrian-looking slides (I'll show you in my story tonight!) 


I paired this look with a great off the shoulder striped top and an amazing Courtney Kennedy bag. I love this one pictured with the strap, but in lieu of Valentine's Day, I plan to carry my favorite pink Courtney Kennedy suede and leather clutch.  


This look is simple, can be dressed up or down and is a great way to incorporate your Equestrian Style. Street and Saddle has some great options to accomplish a look like this!  

xo, B

Lashes By Lita

Over the several weeks, I have been getting eyelash extensions and I HAD to share my experience with all of you.

Click HERE to watch my video review! 


If you want the short version, I never have been a makeup person, so eyelash extensions never appealed to me before. But now, I'm hooked! I went to Lashes By Lita in Jacksonville, FL. I never wear eye makeup anymore, but it looks like I do. Being at a barn every day of the week, I love how the lashes help me look put together when in reality I am usually covered in sweat and dirt! They are easy care of, but you must take the time to do so (I included my care instructions in the video!) 


Lita did an amazing job applying my lashes. I love the way they look and I'm convinced that if I - the one who never wears makeup and is always at the barn- love Lashes By Lita extensions, you will too! And hey, I have a coupon code for you. Your first visit with Lita is 20%. Lashes start at $150 which is actually much cheaper than many other comparable lash extension salons. Lita was knowledgeable, kind and so easy to be around. If you live in the Jacksonville area, you seriously need to give it a try! Lita's website is When booking your appointment, use code for 20% off your service:








While my outfits are usually all about the breeches and tops, I think what is possibly the most important are these "base layers." Finding good quality undergarments are hard to come by, but thankfully I think that search is over!


I am in a sports bra every day of the week, whether that be for riding, going to the gym, running errands or working on the house we are flipping! There are a few factors I look at when purchasing a good bra: comfort, breathability and the perfect amount of padding. 


I have found all that and more in Knixwear's Evolution Bra. For one, I can lounge in it all day! It is so comfortable, I even sleep in it sometimes! Lately, I have been living in this bra and this insanely cozy All For Color open kimono jacket. I have totally worn it out and about with a graphic tee and leggings, but I think it makes the perfect around-the-house sweater. It has a hood too... Bonus!! A cool thing about these Evolution Bras are that they are reversible! I usually prefer nude or light colors so that they don't show through my clothes! So this gray and black bra can be worn under light and dark shirts. I also love how you can interchange, criss cross or remove the straps. Each bra also comes with an extra set of replacement straps.


Another thing I cannot stand about most bras is how no matter how thin you may be, they give you the unwanted side fat bumps that show through a fitted shirt. I hate it when I am wearing a tighter practice shirt and have to constantly adjust my bra to keep everything smooth. I have never had to do this with the Evolution Bra


These Knix bras are also completely breathable. I can sweat in the saddle or at the gym and my bra doesn't get wet or make me uncomfortable in the least. I also got a pair of the Everyday Performance Thong underwear. Its moister-wicking fabrics and seamless lines make it the perfect underwear for under breeches. They are now the only underwear I like to wear no matter what I am doing! My first pair was in nude and they are so perfect to wear with my tan or white breeches especially. 


I did get one padded Everyday Bra and one regular Everyday Bra to try. The unpadded bra is great for wearing around the house or with comfy clothes, but I feel like that padded bra has more support and the unpadded bra is much more thin and see-through. I am slowing trying to replace all of my undergarments with Knixwear. The padded Everyday Bra and Everyday thongs are two pieces I am always digging for in my underwear drawer! 


xo, B

Zyia Active

An extremely practical way to expand your Equestrian closet is to use active wear! I don't know about you, but if I am riding effectively, I finish tired and a definitely break a sweat!


That is why exercise gear is amazing for riding: it is moister-wicking, breathable and comfortable. Zyia Active is a newer brand to me but I am constantly impressed with how chic and innovative their clothing design is. In this look, I am sporting this ZA white hooded shirt. The fabric is breathable, but oh so soft! 


I just love how well bright white looks with any color, and thanks to bleach, I can feel confident sporting this top to the barn, too! 


I paired this top with my Opal Equestrian navy base layer leggings. I very often wear these under breeches when it's cold out (or for me, under 55 degrees!) but I also think they are perfect to work out in! 


My favorite thing about this Zyia top is all of the details! The lines and the thumb holes and the hood... the list goes on. This is a great piece for going to the gym, taking a walk, running errands and going to the barn. 


Do you ride in work out clothes? I have another Zyia top I will be styling for the barn, so stay tuned for that!

xo, B

All for Color


Public Service Announcement: I have found the perfect shirt dress! This All for Color dress is so classic. I love the lines: a great collar and v-neckline which looks great plain, with a necklace or a neck scarf! 

The sleeves are just at the elbow with the option to cuff and button in place like I did. My favorite parts of the dress is the flattering staircase hemline - and of course - the pockets! 

The sleeves are just at the elbow with the option to cuff and button in place like I did. My favorite parts of the dress is the flattering staircase hemline - and of course - the pockets! 


I styled this All for Color dress with my go to Sakkara belt, Ariat riding boots and a navy silk scarf. This is a great look for school/work and could easily be dressed up with the right accessories. I think this denim dress is such a great addition to my wardrobe and I cannot wait to style it for each upcoming season. 

xo, B


My Office

If I haven't told you before, my husband Ethan owns rental properties and flips houses. This was one of the main reasons we moved from Los Angeles to Jacksonville this time last year! Let's just say you can't buy a 3 bedroom house in LA for $50k like you can here in Northern Florida! Currently, we are living in a house we are flipping. It got all new everything so for quite some time, we lived in a complete construction zone! Since parts of the house (third bedroom/office) isn't done yet, I designated this cute little spot in our living room for my home office space. *All of the main items of this blog post are linked at the bottom of this post if you're interested!*


Being a photographer, I tend to be a little snobby when it comes to natural interior lighting! When we look at potential house flips, I always look for big windows and natural light! I thought my office space would be perfect in between these two big windows! Probably my favorite part of this space are the Kharah Lee prints on the wall. Kharah hand draws any bit you can think of and so I chose three I use often in my ridimg. They are so simple yet are total conversation pieces. 


One of our best business decisions as photographers and a blogger was to invest in a Mac desktop computer. This thing is our first born child! The size and Retina display are insane and make for an ideal workspace. The black desk is kind of a work in progress; I got it at a garage sale for $40 and originally was going to strip it to a natural wood Restoriatiom Hardware vibe. I still might do that one day, but for now I am loving this  rugged black finish. 


My desk top is ever changing depending on what I'm feeling! I'm a huge fan of fresh flowers, so if I see a good bunch at the grocery store, I love to splurge. It adds a softness and femininity to the desk that I just love. They also remind me of the rose garlands the race horse winners get at the Kentucky Derby! These gold candlesticks are family pieces given to me by my mother-in-law and I finished them off with a soft gray candles from Magnolia's new line with Target. Then front of center, the Equus candle is my absolutely favorite. The scents are all equestrian related and are so delicious! Go check out their website to see all of their scents. I also recently found one of my little trophies I won when I rode in the Short Stirrip division and wanted to show it off. :)


I also have the incredible desk calendar by Paper Pony Co. I adore all of the illustrations; each month is a horse that originated from a different part of the world! I also have the dog version! The same company also has my favorite wrapping paper so you should see what they all have to offer on their website. Finally to the left is such a luxurious equestrian competition by View Halloo. Seriously they thought of everything; from the saddle brown cover to the attention to detail within the pages of the book, the competition journal is the ideal keepsake for you or a loved one. I told all of my students that they need a View Halloo journal!

So that about covers my current office situation! We are moving again in March to a home where I will have my very own office! Can't wait to deck that out in equestrian goodness and share it with you this spring! Until then, shop my office style by clicking the links below:


Kharah Lee Print Shop : Bit Prints

 Equus Candle : Hay & Molasses Candle

Paper Pony Co. : Desk Calendar  

View Halloo : Competition Journal


xo, B


5 Essential Pieces For Your Winter Wardrobe

As the Style Editor of The Plaid Horse Magazine, I write a style article for each issue. For December, I wrote a little piece about the must-have articles of clothing to have in your closet for these cooler months ahead! To read the article, click the link below:

Click Here to Read The Plaid Horse Magazine Article

Flip through to pages 76-77!


xo, B

Baseball Hat


When I'm not at the barn, I love to be on the golf course! I really like this Stick and Ball Co. logo baseball hat. It's a great white that works for any time of the year and the gold logo is so classy. I have worn this hat while at a horse show (dangerous, I know!) and it definitely got dirty. But I threw it in the wash and it was sparkly clean again! 


I can't wait to wear it with some of my fall outfits. I think most people feel that white is a spring/summer color, but I love incorporating white all year round. For now, I'm golfing and hanging out in the barn with my favorite white baseball hat!

xo, B


Color Block Sweaters

Hellooooo Strangers! Long time no see! Sorry I have been MIA this passed month- I promise it is for good reasons. I have been swamped at work; we have been getting new clients, received 2 new imports from Germany and one more on the way this week, taking 18 horses to our next show and planning our barn Halloween Party! Besides work, I also have 3 super exciting projects in store for you, but you will have to wait until next month! :)

Anyway, color block sweaters. Probably one of my favorite looks as they add a sportiness and edge to an outfit while maintaining a preppy class. I love them and whenever I am at a store, I gravitate towards color blocking! 


This grey and black color block sweater is one of my favorites because of a few things. One, I love the fit of it. It is the perfect crop to layer over a practice shirt and slightly higher waisted breeches. Two, the details!! I love the zipper accents and how you can un-zipper them for a completely different look! I've often worn this sweater unzipped with a long flowy top and leggings underneath.

I got this sweater from Gap, but years ago. So I decided to round up some of my favorite color block sweaters for you all to snag up for your fall wardrobes. Click the photos to directly take you to the website! Happy Shopping!

xo, B