Equestrian Accessories


Am I the only one who absolutely loves leather accessories? Whether I’m at the barn teaching and riding or out and about, I can’t help but add an elegant leather accessory to my outfit. I love that they match with almost everything and add an equestrian chic touch to any wardrobe.

Surpiqure the real 2.jpg

This leather bracelet by Surpiqure is the perfect addition to any outfit! The combination of metal and leather make this piece absolutely gorgeous. I’m wearing the bracelet in the color “camel”, but it’s available in three other colors that are just as beautiful. I definitely had a hard time choosing a color, but I had to go with the classic look of the “camel”.

Surpiqure 3.jpg

I’ve worn this bracelet SO much since I got it! It wasn’t stiff and didn’t need to be broken in like many other leather accessories. You can check out their other pieces on their website. Their products are a great gift for equestrians and non-equestrian loved ones. I know I have a few others from the Surpiqure collection on my wishlist this year!

xo MES

Surpiqure 2.jpg

New Equestrian Brand

Herd of Zebras is an all new equestrian brand hitting the horse apparel market.

I love HofZ’s mission because we need more of that rawness in the industry. Zebras all look differently with their stripes but at the end of the day, they are all zebras! That’s totally how we are as women. We need to stick together despite our trials and differences.


Besides loving the brand vision, their clothes are adorable and comfortable!! If you went through my 2018 Holiday Lookbook you would have seen me sporting some of their pieces! This hoodie has that insanely soft inside fabric that makes you feel so cozy. I also love this canvas bag and hat with the HofZ logo!.. the bag is perfect for groceries- or horse treats!

Here’s a little peek from my Holiday Lookbook featuring Herd of Zebras! Please go check out their pieces at herd-of-zebras.com !


xo B

Putting Your Horse in a Frame

Frame photo 1.jpg

Riding a horse in a correct frame is so beneficial to their well-being because it prevents injury, builds his topline, and makes him stronger and more adjustable. Not to mention, riding a horse in a frame can avoid you having to fight with him every step of your ride! I always establish the frame at the walk first. This sets the stage for the rest of your ride and allows the horse to become familiar with what you are asking before moving to a more difficult task. In my experience, the frame will differ based upon the discipline. Most hunters will have their nose perpendicular to the ground or slightly out, while equitation horses will almost always have their nose perpendicular to the ground. I usually want my equitation and jumper horses to have their frame break higher than the hunter frame, so that their poll is higher than withers.

Frame photo 2.jpg

It’s also very important to remember that the frame MUST be developed from your leg first! The leg helps the horse to stay balanced and soft. I always use my leg to push the horse through his hind end and then add the rein aid to stop the forward momentum, which allows the horse to lower his head.

I’m wearing my DeNiro boots, which I absolutely love! Their leather is super soft, which makes them easy to break in, but they still hold their shape. Check out their website to see all of the beautiful styles they offer!

Here, I’m working the horse on a circle to help him balance and to create lightness in my hands.

Frame photo 3.jpg

I love that this picture shows off my riding top from Anique and sweater from Sheln! Both are super soft and comfortable and can be worn on their own or layered like I have them here.

If you find that your horse is resisting the frame, try putting him on circles of different sizes and riding lots of changes of direction. Remember to keep a steady rein and your leg on while doing this to encourage him to soften. I also like to use the sitting trot to help horses who struggle with finding a correct frame. Once he gets the idea, you can soften the inside rein to reward him, but it’s important to keep steady pressure on the outside rein as well as lightly check him with the inside rein every few steps to keep the frame.

The same idea can be used at the canter, but you may have to increase the intensity of your aids depending on the horse. These tips can also be useful to soften a very heavy horse.

Frame photo 4.jpg

I was also wearing my black Roeckl gloves. I really like that they don’t wear out easily, even when I’m riding strong horses. Roeckl has several other glove styles that are an excellent addition to any wardrobe!

The horse that I’m riding in these photos is green, so he is just learning to be ridden in a proper frame. It’s important to remember that if your horse is also green, or is new to the idea of a frame, to be patient and give him lots of breaks. It can be tough to teach a horse to go in a correct frame, but it’s definitely worth the work!

xo My Equestrian Style

Equestrian Riding Leggings


With the increase popularity of equestrian athleisure, I have a confession to make. I used to totally turn my nose up to riding leggings. I didn’t think they were for serious riders. I didn’t think they were good enough for the amount of riding I did. I was so wrong!


Once I tried riding leggings or tights, I could hardly take them off! Now, I do almost all of my home riding in these babies! Bare Equestrian is one of my favorite brands!

(Go check out my IGTV Video HERE)


I love these grey riding leggings because they have a full seat of silicone, which makes for a nice, grippy seat. There are also cell phone pockets, a wide high-waisted waistline and adorable color block accents.


My look was made complete with this crazy-comfy full zip riding top and baseball hat, also by Bare Equestrian. BE has several other cute designs of leggings and tops; I included their link here for you to check out!

Bare is also offering FREE SHIPPING for MES readers!! Use code Bethany4Bare at check out!! (Valid for all countries, offer ends November 30)

xo B

My Everyday Necklace


Am I the only one with really sensitive skin? My ears especially can only handle solid gold pieces or they swell up and get infected. It’s also annoying to find a dainty piece of jewelry you LOVE to only find that it is made up of cheap materials and turns green by week two.


To be fair, I wear my jewelry HARD. If I find a piece I like, I will never take it off! I will bathe in it, wear it to the barn, sleep in it, you name it! So if I am going to wear jewelry, it needs to be solid! I discovered Hattie Banks and fell in love with her jewelry line. Her pieces reminded me of the days I worked for Jennifer Meyer Jewelry in LA right out of college. Dainty, great quality, so equestrian chic.


I saw this Lucky Shoe necklace by Hattie Banks and I had to have it. Much like many simple horse shoe necklaces, but Hattie went the extra mile with adding the subtle bling of the off centered diamond. This necklace comes in rose, yellow and white 14k gold, too! I’m sporting the rose gold and even though the rest of my jewelry tends to be yellow gold, I love mixing metals. This rose gold isn’t so in-your-face rose colored, either. It is so soft and matches everything!


I haven’t taken this necklace off since the day it came in the mail! It is such a great investment because you won’t want to take it off, either! You can check out her pieces on their website here where you can find Hattie Bank’s Equestrian Line among other non-horsey pieces of fine jewelry. I have my eye on a couple other pieces, too! This would be such a great Christmas present for a family member or to add to our personal wish list. Perfect investment to last you a lifetime, and a great way to add equestrian flair to any look.

xo B


NF.Edit Subscription Box


Everyone and their pony has been dying to know about the *new* Noelle Floyd subscription box, the NF.Edit! Here’s a peek of what’s in the first box—  


This is such a great box. At $59/box, this is such a great gift idea.. for a friend and for you :) When it’s all said and done, the contents in the box is valued just shy of $200! I am thinking the perfect Christmas gift for trainers and barn friends, what about you?! 


The NF x Dreamers and Schemers “Stay Grounded” boot socks are out of the world! I am a big fan of the DS socks (just collaborated with them on an limited edition MES sock) but these are so perfectly cushy yet breathable. To top it all off, the socks are black and white polka dots with the ever so chic NF logo. You’ll find the words, “Stay Grounded” on the bottom of the sock. (Valued at $17.95) 


The Ruespari Twin Surcingle Black Belt is as gorgeous as it is versatile! Valued at $75- more than the box itself - this was such a great surprise! I can never have enough black belts, and Ruespari is one of my favorites. Love it with breeches, jeans or dresses. I find ways to wear it with something every week! 


The other items are pieces I wouldn’t have necessarily purchased for myself, but now that I have them, I’m hooked!! Scentuals gave us some Grapefruit Tumeric Hand Repair Cream which feels like heaven! I don’t know about you, but my hands are in a constant state of nasty after being at the barn all day! (Valued at $7.63) Scentuals also added two Aromatherapy Roll-On Oils to the NF.Edit box! I received De-Stress and Balance oils which will be perfect for horse show weekends or busy times at the barn! (Valued at $12.23 each) The last item of the box was the Equestrian Wellness Essential Helmet Spray. How smart of an invention is this?!? It smells so nice and can actually be used as a “FeBreze” on any fabric or clothing! Brilliant! (Valued at $14)


Oh! I almost forgot! One of the best items was the $50 gift card to the brand new NF.Edit Shop! So amazing. NF has some amazing brands available on the marketplace so I can’t wait to go shopping! 

Overall, I was so impressed with what was included in the box. I love that I learned about brands I hadn’t been exposed to before. I loved the pieces that were selected were actually my style and things I would probably purchase and wear anyway! The NF.Edit box is only going to get better from here, and with the holidays right around the corner, snagging this subscription box while you can is a no brainer!


xo B

Cute Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again -- SHEIN Haul!

***pssst… exclusive 20% coupon code to SHEIN below…

Every year, we spend $60, $80, $100 on a costume from the Halloween store, just to throw it to the back of our closets come November 1st, and never use it again. I’m not about that life!

For one: if I am dressing up for Halloween, it is going to be for much less than $60; heck, its going to be as cheap as possible! Why spend so much cash on something you only wear once?

Which brings me to my second reason: I only like to wear Halloween costumes that are made up of clothing I can wear the rest of the year! I can totally justify a $40 Halloween costume that I can sport all of the pieces for the rest of the year… especially if I can wear something to the barn!


So with the help of SHEIN (my favorite one-stop-shop for all things cheap and trendy) I came up with three simple and cute Halloween costumes that are very easy to replicate with pieces you may already have at home! If you don’t own something that you see here, all three outfits are under $40 and purchased from SHEIN! PLUS — SHEIN gave me a special coupon code for 20% OFF YOUR PURCHASE… keep reading to snag that code!

So not only are all three outfits under $40, you’re going to be able to take another 20% off on top of that! I’m telling you, if you haven’t shopped at SHEIN before, you’re going to be able to find EVERYTHING you need on this website. The prices are jaw-dropping and the quality is great. The customer service and shipping is easy-breezy, too. I really buy all of my non-equestrian clothing from SHEIN because it doesn’t break the bank and all of their pieces are so on-trend. Plus, with this 20% off promo code, you’re going to be able to really go crazy— I’m thinking you don’t just buy your Halloween outfit, but go ahead and get all your Christmas shopping done while you’re at it! Scroll down and check out these three outfits.. you’ll find the coupon code down there, too!

How iconic is Minnie Mouse for Halloween? Sweet, simple, and I had to have this dress anyway! If you own some red polka dots, you’re already set! SHEIN has pages of red polka dot dresses (see for yourself) for you to choose from. I loved this SHEIN Bell Cuff Split Back Polka Dot Dress… and for $18 I was sold. The dress is so fun!! The sleeves and neckline are perfect, and the back slit is really fun, too. (I ordered mine in a size Small) If you’re not really a dress girl, SHEIN also has tons of red polka dot tops you can pair with some black leggings or jeans. I snagged a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on Amazon for a few bucks. With my 20% off coupon code, myequestrianstyle20, this outfit is totally cheap, easy and this dress is perfect to wear again to dinner or GNO!

Ah, you have to be the classic school girl once in your life! I was going to go for something a little cropped for the top, but then I found this amazing SHEIN Contrast Stripe Trim Jumper and thought it would be PERFECT to wear over a riding shirt at the barn. I’m a sucker for varsity striping! (I am wearing size Small) I also loved this SHEIN Grid Print Asymmetrical Hem Skirt (especially the price tag!) because I recently bought a pair of over-the-knee boots that it will look perfect with this winter! (I got it in a Medium) Lastly, the SHEIN Striped Over-the-Knee Socks were an essential to the school girl look, and only seven bucks for two pairs of socks. (I’ve already worn the other pair under my tall boots at the barn!) For a grand total of $38 without even counting the myequestrianstyle20 20% off, this look is a no-brainer if you don’t already have something like it at home!

Okay confession- I went with a country-redneck-scarecrow-farmer kinda vibe for my last Halloween costume for one reason only: I wanted these SHEIN Ripped Denim Overalls! HAHA I saw them on the website and literally asked myself, “How can I turn these into a costume?!” I love the rips and the wash of these overalls. (I ordered a size Medium because I wanted to make sure they were a more relaxed fit) I already owned this flannel, but you could also sport a tank top for the look! I linked some plaid shirts here if you need to grab one! Lastly for $7, this SHEIN Straw Fedora Hat with the bandana Scarf completed the look. You could grab some hay from the barn and to stuff under your hat and in the legs of your jeans for a scarecrow look, or pop some black construction paper over a few teeth for the hillbilly route! I can’t wait to wear the overalls with a sweater or cute blouse out and about this fall. This look was a grand total of $35 plus 20% using myequestrianstyle20.


I hope this Halloween Guide was helpful to you! Please message me if you need any help sizing or if you have questions about a look! Also- if you know what you want to be for Halloween but need inspiration, let me help you put your outfit together… but please feel free to use this promo code and let me know what you find!

xo B

Leather Goods

Another favorite fall look of mine includes leather accessories from Atelier de Pravins.


I love the genuine leather accessories from Atelier de Pravins because they are so sturdy! I have the adorable Shetland bag from them with the saddle cutout along the top. It is a small bag so I don’t end up carrying around my entire life in there. I also have a pair of spur covers in brown leather. In addition to being a cute fall colored accessory, they also are very practical and protect my boots from being scuffed by the metal spurs. The covers come in more colors besides brown including navy, grey, and orange.


Pravins also has accessories for pups! I got Fifa a collar and leash and as usual was impressed with the quality of the products. Fifa is very playful so she needs something durable if she wears it 24/7. I can just handwash the rope leash and it comes out good as new.


I paired all of these accesories with my classic Tailored Sportsman breeches from KAVAL and new favorite Fairfax&Favor boots. They are more of a relaxed fit than riding boots but are made for being outdoors so I love to wear them around the barn when I am out of the saddle. If I go out in the mornings or after a rainshower, I like to throw on my Huntsmen&Hounds faded red bomber jacket. It is a light jacket so it is perfect for this transitional time of year and, most importantly, it is so cozy!

untitled-1 (1).jpg



I designed a tshirt with TKEQ!

It’s finally here! We could not wait to share our newest collaboration piece with you! We all know TKEQ is a powerhouse when it comes to equestrian slogan tees, so I decided to work with them to create this t-shirt, and I have to say, it’s pretty adorable.

Hack Winner


TKEQ has some amazing slogans so I knew I had big shoes to fill when it came to creating my slogan, but since moving to Florida and being reimmersed in the hunter world, the term “hack winner” kept popping up.

“Your horse is totally the hack winner.”

“Her horse is so fancy, he’s totally the hack winner.”

“I may have gone off course, but at least I have the hack winner…”

If you’re in hunter land too, chances are you have heard it once or twice… a day. I thought about it, and we think it is spot on for an equestrian slogan tee! Top it off with cute embroidered pink letters and heathered grey fitted tee, and you have yourself a top for any occasion!


This shirt has been so versatile! It looks great at the barn, with a skirt, peeking under a pair of overalls. I also really like it under a bomber jacket! It is a fitted tee (I am wearing a medium) so if you are on the fence I would size up.

For about thirty bucks, you totally need to add this embroidered tee to your wardrobe. At the very least, make sure it is on your Christmas list. The Hack Winner tee is now live on TKEQ website, and I included the link here. Please reach out if you have any questions about sizing…Happy Shopping!

xo, B


Accessorizing with Metals

I love riding in my favorite accessories! There is no reason to be afraid to wear cute belts or pieces of jewelry to the barn! They will survive, I promise... especially if they are made well. I usually wear cloth/elastic or leather belts and watches with leather straps. Leather is fun to accessorize with riding outfits because it can match our riding boots, but metals look great too! Rose gold is very popular right now, and when I saw the rose gold accessories from Horse Gloss I had to have them.


I have one of the snap bangles that has head up & heels down engraved in rose gold, as well as the rose gold watch! The bangle bracelet is cute and subtly horse related, which makes it more versatile. The same goes for the watch. The watch has a simple face with markers for the times, as well as the brand name and a small bit icon underneath. I like that the accessories are horse related but not so loud about it because I can match them with every day outfits as well as my riding outfits.


I paired the rose gold wrist accessories with the bit belt from Horse Gloss in gold. Gold and rose gold can pair very well in accessories, but be warned! Metals are easy to match as long as the metals are not cheap and look like they will easily tarnish.

I also am wearing the blue riding top from Horse Gloss! It was stretchy and breathable in addition to being such a nice color. It fits well and the sleeves zip up part of the way so you can roll them up after riding, The zippers are silver, but they are such a small part of the top they are barely noticeable when wearing the other metals. I have the shirt paired with a light pair of Callidae breeches for more of a classic look.


Metal accessories can be worn to the barn without looking gaudy. Regardless of the material of your accessories, it helps to keep them small and dainty. Horse Gloss sells a wide assortment of accessories, including sweaters, saddle pads, necklaces, more bracelets, belts and watches in varying metals.


Getting Cozy


Although it may not feel like it quite yet in Florida, I am ready for fall! I am so eager to break out the candles, cozy blankets and sweaters. Right now I am obsessed with this sweater from TKEQ. It is a nuetral tan with high standards embroidered in the center in white. So cute! It is super soft on the inside and slightly oversized for that extra cozy feeling. It is perfect over a show shirt for warmups or just your everyday sweater in the fall. It would look great with dark jeans or a pair of navy breeches like I have it paired with. I also am beyond excited to announce that I am releasing a limited edition piece with TKEQ that will be available to you Tuesday October 2nd! Be on the lookout for that!


I also have the Ruespari Nantucket Navy and striped belt with gold clasp from their new Sea Salt collection paired with this sweater because the elastic belt is easy to put on, comfortable and moves with me when I ride. Funny enough, their motto is “be flexible”, which suits their belts to a tee! It is the perfect belt to wear when I want something comfortable yet looks put together. I also love that Ruespari is not mass produced and handcrafted in the US.


xo, B 

Equestrian Athleisure

Love it or hate it, athleisure has been a top recurring clothing trend for a few years now. Leggings and high waisted workout capris in all sorts of patterns adorn the bodies of soccer moms and young adults alike. Sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore but instead are an every occasion shoe. The equestrian world couldn’t be far behind, right?


More and more equestrian clothing brands are coming out with riding leggings. They are made of the stretchy, breathable fabric we all know and love, except these have reinforced seams and most have silicone patterns on the knee or seat area. The riding leggings are a great way to go from stable to street and not stand out.


I got a few riding leggings from Horseware Ireland and couldn’t wait to ride in them! They have all the typical features of riding leggings, but they seem to be sturdier than most leggings I have tried before. Sometimes riding leggings are too thin or the seams inside the legs tear easily. Horseware holds up. Their leggings have suede patches on the back of the legs instead of silicone which I love! It really helps you stay in the saddle, whereas some of the silicone patterns on other leggings will lose their gripping abilities after a couple washes. I have pictures of these leggings in the olive green color so the patches were easy to see, but the leggings also come in black with the black patches so they don’t stand out as much. Another thing I like about these leggings is the phone pocket. This pocket has a flap on top to make sure nothing falls out!


I also really love the athletic tops from Horseware! The heather print is fun but still neutral and again made to be stretchy and breathable. I like the long sleeve shirt because it is a bit more casual than my usual quarter zip riding tops but still offers more sun protection than a regular t-shirt.


I like equestrian athleisure wear because I can hop off the horse I am riding, change my boots into sneakers, and go about my business for the day without looking out of place. Horseware has really got this style down by combining everything we love about athletic wear and combining it with functional features for equestrians.

xo MES

These photos were taken by Nicole Schlutz Photography.

Pretty in Pink


One trend I have loved before it got big was the baby pink EVERYTHING! For the past year or so, the color has been relabeled “millennial pink” and it seems every time I walk into Target I find a new pink something to put in my cart! Pink clothing, kitchenware, walls, and even pink colored food is all over my Pinterest feed. Apologies in advance if you hate the color pink… I used to, but clearly I am now in love. Scroll down for some millennial pink goodness.

pink kitchenware.jpg

how satisfying was that?!

I’m still not tired of it yet, so when I found out FreexRein was coming out with the shortsleeve Moto bodysuit in this millenial pink, I had to have it! If you have been keeping up with the blog, you already know how much I enjoy wearing the Moto bodysuit. The material is so soft, it has mesh under the arms, and clasps underneath for easy take off. Between my love for the bodysuit itself and the adorable color, I couldn’t wait to style it!


Black leather/vegan leather accessories are classic and easy to pair with almost anything, but can sometimes be too harsh with certain colors like Millenial pink. Brown and tan are more subtle and can add a nice, soft quality to any outfit. Don’t be afraid of trying different shades of brown accessories during fall! A dark ebony leather belt, bag, and shoes would look great with burgundy and dark greens for fall. A brighter brown looks great with light blues and baby pinks. This FreexRein bodysuit is one of my favorite pieces to style with cognac brown accessories!


The adorable pale pink color of the body suit needs a softer color than black to pull it all together, which is why I chose these shades of browns! For this look, I have the Moto bodysuit matched with classic tan FreexRein Derby breeches, brown DeNiro sneakers, a cognac brown Style Stock belt, wood watch by JORD and the adorable saddle bag from Pravins Sellier!


My Equestrian Style

These photos were taken by Nicole Shultz Photography.

Join the Tribe


If you were on my Instagram today, you saw all of my love for the new Australian brand, Tribe Equestrian that opened up it’s online shop today! I got a little sneak peek into their first collection, and I have to say, it is fun, modern and for sure made with love!


Nik, Charli and Bella are the beauty and brains behind Tribe Equestrian and I had a second to chat with the three about their collection and story.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.35.38 PM.png

Bethany: Tell me a little bit about yourselves and your riding history?

Nik: Charlie and Bella are my daughters! Charli started riding our two cheeky Shetland ponies at a young age. She is now into eventing. Bella is a major horse lover! I have always loved horses and got to ride only when I visited family in the country. We would open the front door straight out to the back and ride horses all day in the paddocks and Australian Bush. I bought my first horse in my 30’s and it is still my favourite thing to do! Now we have two horses- Darcy and Picnic- and are so lucky to have beautiful trails in the Yarra Valley where we live. We absolutely LOVE working together!


Bethany: If you each had to pick, what is your favorite piece from your collection?

Nik: For me, definitely the silicone legging. They are so comfortable, look fabulous and have the perfect silicone grip. Same with Charli! Bella loves the icon tee in copper because of the story and values behind our icon! (But we would say everything as they are all designed and made with so much love!)


But don’t just take it from this, you MUST check out for yourself! Visit tribeequestrian.com and take a look at my instagram story for how the pieces fit and feel!

xo, B


The Bodysuit Blog (Pt 2)

Coming in hot with another bodysuit post! This Free Rein striped bodysuit is where it’s at. Earlier today I showed a long sleeve bodysuit that I dressed down with denim, but this one I wanted to dress up. 


This Free Rein piece has a easy to wear bodysuit piece with three snaps for easy on and off use. I love the striped pattern because it is so easy to wear with everything. The short sleeves are great for summer, so layered with a cardigan or jacket for cooler months. 


This bodysuit also comes in baby pink, which I am obsessed with!! The short sleeves  are also super refreshing to wear riding in the summer heat. 


How cute is this zipper detailing? I’ve worn it both open and closed!  


I paired this look with a high waisted skirt and a pair of Katharine Page ballet flats.  

xo, B  

The Bodysuit Blog (Pt 1)

Welcome to my two part series explaining why bodysuits are the best trend right now. Especially in this transitional time of hot days and cooler mornings/evenings, bodysuits are where it's at! I love how chic and clean they look tucked into a pair of high waisted jeans or a skirt. For this look, I went with denim-on-denim!


My Levi's have been my staple this summer. I love how easy they are to wear with a summery top, like my white long sleeve bodysuit by SheIn! I just love love love this bodysuit. FOR ONE, IT IS UNDER $22?! WHAT?! And I find myself wanting to wear it for every occasion.. I've even contemplated wearing it with breeches!! Haha I may be alone on that one, but why not?! Even though it is long sleeves, it is incredibly breathable, with lovely fluted sleeves that are see-through. I am blown away by all of the intricate detail SheIn included for this style. The detailing on the neckline was also added to the waist and sleeves. I think it shows just the right amount of skin, too. The back has just a slightly deeper V than the front with the same lacy detailing. I love wearing it with my hair up in a silk scarf to show off the back! With it starting to get cooler (some places more than others... Florida people, we are still sweating our faces off!) a denim jacket is a must-have. This one is a really old Gap style, but I linked some other styles that look very similar. It looks super cool draped over your shoulders but you can absolutely pull it on all the way.  


I used to be a little hesitant about bodysuits. I think when they first came out, it was hard to find a style that was really tasteful, laid back and classic... they kinda started out a little trashy! I think this style is so fun for summer (and really fall and spring, too!) depending on what you style it with! This SheIn top could look really cute with shorts or a skirt, too! 


I would consider this bodysuit a little more on the fancier end of the spectrum, but I obviously was able to dress it down for dinner in Lexington here. Part two of my Bodysuit blog is a more casual bodysuit that I dressed up. That is yet another thing I love about these pieces; the versatility never fails me!  


So a few things to know about this bodysuit (which most other bodysuits follow suit). I find it easier to wear specific undergarments. when sporting a bodysuit. Typically, bodysuits come in a cheeky-to-thong bottoms, and my rule of thumb is to wear the same cut or less for your underwear to eliminate lines. For this particular top, I just wore silicone adhesive covers since the back is also that V-line. Sometimes the cut of the bodysuit goes at or above the hipbone, so a higher waisted skirt or pants will be needed for that tucked in shirt look.


I completed the look with my Katharine Page sandals and a SheIn silk scarf and headed out for dinner with an easy but classic summery look!

You can shop this white bodysuit here... can't beat the price! The quality is still fabulous, too!

xo, B


My Favorite Wooden Watch

My Favorite Wooden Watch

... that goes with everything!

Wrist watches, like equestrian style, are absolutely timeless! With the popularity of smart watches in full swing, there is something to be said for a classic watch. It allows its wearer to remain connected while not being distracted by the same things we stick our noses into our phones and computers for. Wooden watches have become more in style recently and I have just gotten my hands on my very first one! This wood watch by JORD has been the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.


Whether I am wearing riding clothes or a dress, I find myself accessorizing with the Zebrawood and Maple watch from JORD's Fieldcrest series. The watch is delivered to your door in a beautiful wooden box that smells like fresh cut lumber. You open the box (which could totally double as a jewelry box, by the way) to find your watch, cleaning cloth, display pillow, and extra wrist links. You really get the full experience with the JORD packaging.


At first, I thought this Fieldcrest watch was the ideal summer timepiece as it looked great with white and tan, and was a great neutral for some fun summer colors! Now that we are entering a new season, I am finding that it is matching all of my fall pieces even more. It also looks great stacked with bracelets or paired alone with a cozy sweater. I am dying for the weather to get cooler and style my JORD wood watch with a cable knit sweater.


I usually have such a hard time with watches because they are either too casual (like sports watches) or too flashy, but this entire line of watches is the perfect balance. Due to the neutral color scheme, JORD watches go with virtually any color. I have worn mine out at the barn, shopping with friends and on vacation and it lent itself so nicely! It is absolutely something I recommend investing in.


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xo B


3 Tips to Wearing Riding Clothes Everyday


For some of the cuter pieces in my riding wardrobe, it almost seems like a waste to only wear around the barn! There are plenty of ways to style riding tops and breeches into everyday outfits, which is especially helpful if you are super busy like me and have to run from errands to stable or vice versa! FreexRein is one of my absolute favorite brands to wear out and about because of how versatile their pieces are. Their bodysuits are insanely comfortable and look equally great in or out of the saddle.


I like to start by picking out the riding piece I want to style. For this example, I'll use the FreexRein short sleeve moto bodysuit in this chic black and white stipe. It is made of a super comfortable jersey material with mesh under the arms and it is easy to pair! I usually identify the riding piece I want to style and build from there! If it's a top, I'll see what cute bottoms I have that match, then choose my accessories. If it's bottoms, vice versa. Depending on what type of cut the top is, I will pick bottoms with a good waistline. For this bodysuit, I LOVE the look of a higher waisted pair of pants or skirt. A note for styling breeches into everyday outfits: If you are wearing shoes that do not cover your ankles like flats, sandals, or sneakers, I try to wear breeches that have elastic ankle bottoms instead of Velcro. FreexRein makes an incredible pair of breeches that have the most subtle ankle elastic ever, making it ideal to keep uncovered. This just really helps the breeches look more like a normal pant! If you are trying to style Velcro closing breeches, try to wear shoes like ankle boots or knee high boots that will cover the Velcro. Boots of all heights are perfect for fall anyways!


The next thing I try to keep in mind is to keep it simple! Neutrals are your best friends. Colors like black, white, browns and beiges make matching and accessorizing that much easier! With the striped moto bodysuit, I have this cute white skirt I felt matched perfectly. If you like a more feminine look, skirts are an easy way to class things up and make it seem like you put more effort into your outfit than you did. 


Once your outfit is established, the final touch is finding accessories. Equestrian inspired accessories are an easy and subtle way to show your love of all thing horses while out and about. I love my Lustiano Gray flats from Katharine Page! The color matches everything, including my outfit with the striped bodysuit, and they are simple yet elegant. Lately I've been seeing loafers everywhere that have bits on them which are nice classic shoe. In addition to shoes, I also love equestrian inspired jewelry, purses, and scarves! Scarves are a cute accessory that can be worn multiple ways and go with multiple outfits! You can wear them in your hair, around your neck, or as a belt. Equestrian accessories are easier than ever to find because there are now so many new brands and small business popping up that cater to the equestrian niche.


Now that I've shared my tips for styling riding clothes into your everyday outfits, I hope you will get good use out of your favorite riding pieces! Remember: build from your riding piece, keep it simple, and then accessorize! Next week I am styling the baby pink moto bodysuit by FreexRein, so stay tuned for that!! 

xo MES

My Skincare Routine

It's so hard to find a good quality skincare routine. I feel like I have tried nearly every drug-store/Target brand option out there and it left my skin feeling oily, broken out or crazy dry. I have found that with major trial and error, I have a pretty good lineup of products that are easy to use and are jam packed with the best ingredients. One thing that I have learned now that I am in my mid-20's: I am only getting older and with my job putting me in the sunshine everyday, I need to invest in protecting and caring for my skin!  


MY DAILY ROUTINE | My everyday routine includes the morning when I wake up and at night before I go to bed. In general, I have combined skin (oily T-zone and dry everywhere else) It's all about clean and moister for me!

1. Cleanser | I have used the Bibimbap Cleanser (the whole system actually) for over 4 months now and I have to say, my skin feels so much better! This one is a gel to foam cleanser and after a long day at the barn it gets all of the dirt and makeup off my face with ease. What I like best about this cleanser is what's in it: glycerin to keep my skin hydrated; blue lotus and chamomile to soothe my skin; and organic black, green and white tea to give my skin antioxidants! 

2. Toner | I use a toner once a day, usually at night, for that extra cleanse to my pores. My skin is breakout-prone, so doing something a little extra to my pores is just what my skin needs. I love Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner with Rose Petals from Target. 

3. Anti Aging Serum | Research says you should start using anti aging products as early as the age of 18! So I use the serum by Bibimbap. It's probably my favorite product in the Bibimbap line! This serum helps brighten my skin, reduce age spots and help age lines. In just four months I've seen noticed a difference! Totally worth every penny.


4. Moisturizer | Something I look for in a moisturizer is its ability to quickly absorb in my skin. I'm usually in a hurry, so something that I can put on quickly that still does its job is a hard product to come by! I love Bibimbap's moisturizer because it has CoQ10 to energize my skin and extra virgin avocado oil to allow for rapid absorption among other fantastic ingredients. 

5. Sunscreen | I usually use Neutrogena SPF 45 on my face as my last layer to protect my skin for the day! If I'm headed to the barn I have sunscreen in my car and in my trunk to reapply every couple hours :)  

MY WEEKLY ROUTINE | About once a week, I give my skin an extra pick me up! Since my skin has both dry and oily parts, I have to be a little more specific with my masking!

ONCE PER WEEK : I will put on a charcoal mask if I feel like my skin is breaking out. However, charcoal has drying out properties (which is why it is great for acne) so sometimes I just put the mask on my T-zone or problem areas.

ONCE to TWICE PER WEEK : I use a 24 karat gold mask from Amazon by Majestic Pure. The gold has anti-aging, anti-acne and anti-toxin... perfect for my skin to help breakouts, wrinkles and overall detoxing my skin!

This is what I do for my skin! I think protecting and nourishing my face and neck are so, so important for lasting benefits and overall health. Ask away if you have questions!!

xo, B


Easy Summer Outfit with Equestrian Style

Whether you’re headed back to school or you live in a warm climate like me, this look is SO for you. Heck, if you are already starting to feel the fall temps where you live, this look is still for you- just throw a cardigan on!


This is one of the outfits I styled for the shoot and haven’t been able to take off since! This SheIn top is just perfect for a couple reasons. For one, the style and cut truly marries cool girl and girly girl (which I like to think I am every so often!) I like the subtle crop of this top because it allows you to be versatile with how you wear it. These Levi 311 jeans are only slightly higher waisted for a little sliver of skin. But if you were to wear a proper pair of high-waisted jeans or a cute higher-waisted skirt, you really see much skin at all. I’ve also paired this with an denim overall dress and it is absolutely adorable. 


The second reason this top is perfect? 



A silk top this cute, this with much detail for $16? All my crop top dreams came true. 


This top was true to size (I’m wearing a small) but the shoulders do run a bit big. So if you are on the fence between sizes, I would size down because the waist is elastic in back anyway. 


I had a lot of fun completing this summer look to make it have that little punch of equestrian style. These are the type of accessories you want in your closet to add your equestrian touch to whatever you wear. 


This Pravins Sellier saddle bag is just gorgeous. This bag comes in many color combinations, but I loved the tan and suede combo because it looks amazing with my Katharine Page equestrian inspired ballet flats. 


I had so much fun with this look. I wore it out to dinner and walking around in Lexington, Kentucky last week. Have any of you been to the downtown area of Lexington? I was obsessed with all of the skywalks and adorable old buildings! 


Make sure you click the links throughout this post if you’d like to shop my outfit, but here is the link to the top again :)



Until next time! 

xo, B